Be a Part of History—Bring Safe-Drinking Water for Liberia by 2020

Be a Part of History—Bring Safe-Drinking Water for Liberia by 2020

Safe Drinking Water for Liberia 2020

Right now, millions of people don’t have access to clean drinking water—and the poorest and most disadvantaged are the ones who are most affected.

In fact, because of climate change, one in four children will end up living in areas with extremely limited water resources by 2040. And according to Thirsting for a Future: Water and Children in a Changing Climate, “where demand is extremely high, then water stress will increase. It will go up in areas of rapid urbanization, and we are already seeing that throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.”

OME Gear® is on a mission to change that.

Fact is, populations are growing, economies are rising—and all this development will demand more water. Unfortunately, our supply is being threatened by climate change, water waste, and pollution. So if a future global water crisis is something that we want to prevent, we have to start doing something about it now.

For us at OME Gear, it has to start in a place anchored on something we’re equally passionate about. This is why, as a company, we decided to focus our current efforts on the importance of water in a warming world. And to get all you nature and adventure enthusiasts on board, we're making sure it ties back to our love for the outdoors.

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Let’s Talk Numbers

We weren’t kidding when we said there were millions of people worldwide who didn’t have access to clean drinking water. 700 million to be exact.

That’s more than two times the population of the US who have no other option but to use dirty, disease-carrying water to cook, clean, bathe, and drink. Over half of that staggering number is located, as mentioned earlier, in sub-Saharan Africa. And almost one million from that live in Liberia.

The water crisis is the reason why tens of thousands of people die every year in this region-- 90 percent of which are children under the age of five.

This is where The Last Well comes in.

The Last Well’s mission is to build wells within a 15-minute walk to everyone in the nation by 2020, so every Liberian can have access to water for drinking and sanitation. Ours is to raise $100,000 to give to The Last Well so they can drill 33 wells for 30,000 Liberians.

 Click image to join our BUY. GIVE. GET. Campaign.

The Smallest Things Can Make the Biggest Difference

Our love for nature and the outdoors can change someone’s life halfway across the world. And it all starts with a t-shirt.

On our website, you can BUY a limited edition, numbered t-shirt for our Buy. Give. Get. Campaign for $259.

Each shirt purchased allows us to GIVE to The Last Well, which will enable them to save two kids’ lives.

And you also become one of the first to GET your hands on our innovative 5-in-1 outdoor gear, The Wanderr, when we start shipping in September.

Every little thing we do matters. Your support for the Buy. Give. Get. Campaign is the last push The Last Well needs to see this initiative to completion. And once they achieve their goal, it will mark a historic moment for the nation that you can proudly say, you were a part of.

One day—hopefully, in this lifetime—everyone on this planet will have access to clean drinking water. That is our ultimate goal. Until then, this is an initiative that lets us do something about it.

Click the link for more information on our Buy. Give. Get. Campaign.

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