Introducing The Wanderr™

THE ONLY 5-in-1 Chair that Converts to a Cart!!

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  • Introducing The Wanderr™.

    A 4-in-1 transformer product. And, just like they used to say... it's more than meets the eye. A cart, a low beach chair, a fully reclinable lounger, and a high field/camping chair.

    4 innovative configurations... 1 durable product.

  • More Relaxation.

    Camping, tailgating, the beach, fishing, the lake, an outdoor sporting event, you name it. Load up all your stuff, then once you get there and unload, you get to choose which seat you want to sit it. 

  • More Quality Time.

    Typically, one of the worst parts of doing an outdoor activity is that someone has to be the pack mule for all the stuff. No longer... The Wanderr™ is here to lighten your load. 

  • More Fun.

    Being with family and friends is the best part of life - let us help you get there with everything you need in one easy step!

What's So Unique About The Wanderr™??

Glad you asked. This is the first of its kind 4-in-1 product. We innovated to consolidate.

The Wanderr™ - PRE-ORDER
  • Weather/Elements Proof

    Sand, rocks, salt water, dirt... The Wanderr™ was built tough and doesn't mind getting a little dirty.

  • Durable

    After one season of use, many chairs and carts just end up getting thrown away due to rust or breakage. Not The Wanderr™... it'll be a friend for the long haul. 

  • Transformable

    We all know that different events require different types of seating. Now, once you unload all your stuff, you can decide on the spot what type of chair you'd like to sit in. 

  • Folds up Small

    Who said good things don't come in small packages? We specifically designed The Wanderr™ to fit easily in any sized trunk. And... it only weighs 20 lbs. Yep, it's true.

See It In Action

Outdoor Activities Are Meant To Be Fun. 

Fun... if you don't have to be the designated pack mule!  You know that person - arms loaded, fingers as hooks, bags on every shoulder... you get the point!

Fun starts once you've arrived, not so much during the pack mule phase. Being the "pack mule" equals frustration. 

And after the fun is over, you get to repeat the whole process again. 


What if there was an easy solution so you can enjoy every bit of outdoor activities, and never be a pack mule again?

Enter The Wanderr™...

We've designed The Wanderr™ to handle all of the heavy lifting and provide you with the freedom to load it up and simply walk it to your destination! Not only does it have a sleek design, but The Wanderr™ is STRONG & tested in the toughest conditions to handle anything you can throw at it!

And then, after you arrive at your destination, The Wanderr™ transforms into 3 different chairs, so it doesn't sit useless while you enjoy the outdoors - it provides a comfy spot for you to sit and hang out with family and friends! 

  • More Nature.

    We want to make time outside enjoyable - The Wanderr™ is changing the way people get into nature!

  • More Ease.

    Load it up and have a blast! Going outdoors with everything you need for an amazing day has never been so easy!!

  • More Storage.

    The Wanderr™ folds easily and is compact for storage and transport.

  • More Freedom.

    The Wanderr™ is making being a "pack mule" a thing of the past!