Welcome to the Family

Let's get you familiar with your Wanderr®

Thank you for becoming a valued member of the OME Gear® family with your purchase of The Wanderr®!

This award-winning, first of its kind 5-in-1 product makes being a pack mule a thing of the past and we look forward to seeing how you Do It In Nature®.

Make sure all of the following items are included in your package:

We want your experience with your Wanderr to be the best it can be, so we’ve invested in a partnership with the app BILT.

This will walk you through - in simple, easy to follow ways - all the different configurations of your Wanderr. To get access, you can simply go to your app store and download the app “BILT”. Once downloaded on your phone or iPad, search for “OME Gear - The Wanderr”.

From Cart mode you can get into any seating mode with a few easy steps.