ESQUIRE: The 13 Best Camping Chairs for Basking in Nature

ESQUIRE: The 13 Best Camping Chairs for Basking in Nature

Sitting outside in nature is one of life's great pleasures. The activity is especially sweet when it comes after a day-long hike or some other sort of commute to get to the place where you can sit outside and do nothing. This is what camping chairs do best.

When it comes to the actual event of camping, getting stocked up with the right camping gear—the kind you buy the right version of first, so you're never stuck without—is essential for a seamless adventure. You gotta get your tent and your fire pit. You gotta get your chair, and you gotta get a good one.

Here, we rounded up 13 of the best camping chairs out there in a range of shapes and price points. They're built for camping, so, of course, use them while camping. But because of this construction, they also function as just general portable seating that is good for keeping in the garage or your car so you can sit outside anywhere at a moment's notice—the beach, a baseball game, in your backyard on an especially starry night. The options for use? Endless.


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