Episode 60: Carmine Denisco & Chris Guerrera

Episode 60: Carmine Denisco & Chris Guerrera

Episode 60:
CARMINE DENISCO & CHRIS GUERRERA: The Experts Of Manufacturing And For Inventors

It is an unusually tough road being an inventor and trying to take a product to market. So many decisions, so much learning, so many sharks out there trying to take advantage.

Enter stage right - Carmine Denisco and Chris Guerrara. These two brothers from another mother have helped more inventors than they can count. They are two of the "good guys". Known as the "King of Manufacturing", Chris currently is President & CEO of PACE Systems, is the Vice President United Inventors Association, is the host of the Made in America podcast, and was on Shark Tank's Season 12 as the Grand Finale episode. He has been featured on Good Morning America and his resume is a mile long of high level leaderships positions at places like Ford and BMW. Carmine is a successful Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Podcaster, Investor and sought after business startup consultant. Entrepreneur Magazine picked him as one of its top 5 emerging entrepreneurs. Many of the products he has developed or aided in the design of over the years have sold in retail stores, TV shopping channels, online and infomercials some have gone on to be licensed by major corporations. Carmine is dedicated to helping inventors correctly navigate the invention and manufacturing process, giving each inventor their best shot at success. These two have hearts of gold and we are truly honored to call them friends.

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  • Pam Turner

    I invented the Spiral Eye Needle. I struggle with manufacturing issues and have had mixed results with licensing. My website is TheNeedleLady.com

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