Episode 59: Kenji Haroutunian

Episode 59: Kenji Haroutunian

Episode 59:
A Legend In The Outdoor Industry With A Heart For Change

If you've spent any time in the outdoor industry, you've likely heard of Kenji Haroutunian.

Kenji is an independent agent for change focused on events and the great outdoors experience. He has spent 33 years organizing outdoor events and expos and has been a teacher of outdoor skills (including advanced climbing and wilderness navigation courses) during/after completing his Geography/Environmental Policy degree at UCLA. Many of those years, he worked for Outdoor Retailer and helped grow it into one of the largest B2B outdoor expos in the world. Kenji has spearheaded multiple industry-focused programs, and has served on the board of several influential groups and nonprofits. Kenji's resume is impressive, to be sure, but what we loved most is how big Kenji's heart for change is and how he is spending his life making our world a better place.

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