Episode 57: FloydFest

Episode 57: FloydFest

Episode 57:
SAM CALHOUN & BRIAN SWENK - Two Hearts Behind One Of The Best Music Festivals, FloydFest

There are music festivals. And then there is FloydFest.

FloydFest is pure magic. It'd be inadequate to describe it any other way. If you know, you know. Located in the beautiful mountains of Floyd, VA, their mission is to be the best music festival experience of our time. And they accomplish this year after year by selling a limited quantity of tickets to the highest-quality event experience, bar none, celebrating music, art and life in an intimate, visually stunning environment. There are few places in this world that combine music - both rising and well-known artists, art, comedy, vendors, acceptance, and genuine love like FloydFest. Lucky us to get to have Sam and Brian on the mic for this episode.

Photo credit on both images Dave Parrish IG - @rvaphotog

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