Episode 54: Daniel Bashara

Episode 54: Daniel Bashara

Episode 54:
DANIEL BASHARA - The Actor Turned Lavender Farmer

Lavender has a way of calming, healing, and soothing a body and a soul. Imagine what a whole field of it does for you.

Daniel Bashara was on a path to pursue his talents of acting in Los Angeles. But when his family's lavender farm, Purple Rain Lavender, needed him, he traded in the hustle and bustle of the big city for the healing powers of lavender. Mostly a self-taught farmer, Daniel and his mom, Gretchen, have harvested and processed fields and fields of lavender since 2013, and shipped their hand-made with love products all over the world. Purple Rain Lavender, in the beautiful town of Fallbrook, CA, uses 100% natural organic ingredients because they believe in using the medicinal benefits from herbs to promote wellness.

To Connect With Daniel and Purple Rain Lavender Boutique:

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