Episode 53: Paul Mangum

Episode 53: Paul Mangum

Episode 53:
PAUL MANGUM - The Founder/Inventor Of The Best Outdoor Toilet

When nature calls, we must answer the call. But more often than not, we prefer a little privacy while taking the call.

Paul Mangum has come up with the solution with the ingenious InstaPrivy. And Paul is one of those guys who you can't help but just love. His company is an energetic startup company with an innovative new product that will greatly improve your next outdoor experience. His product, the InstaPrivy, is a super compact, lightweight and functional portable toilet and privacy shelter system. The difference? The InstaPrivy is truly portable and sets up in seconds! And the best part is it folds up super compactly into a backpack. It's designed for your adventurous lifestyle to provide you the freedom to get away from the city, campsite or smelly plastic porta-johns with comfort and confidence. Every car, boat, campsite, etc. needs an InstaPrivy for those "emergency gotta go" situations.

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