Episode 51: Kellie and Brandon

Episode 51: Kellie and Brandon

Episode 51:
BRANDON & KELLIE: The Overlanding Adventurers Who Believe Less Is More

Kellie and Brandon's like-minded desire to break out of typical “society’s box” drove them to go all in and pursue a dream that few others would consider.

Their unusual adventure began in May of 2020 when they met for their first date during the beginning months of the COVID-19 pandemic, which due to COVID, was a hike. This two hour long hike turned into seven hours of tailgating in the parking lot of a Total Wine store with takeout sandwiches and a 6-pack of beer. Their second date was a weekend of camping. They connected deeply over the outdoors being their mutual place of freedom, calm, clarity and joy. As founders of BYOE Overland (Bring Your Own Everything), Kellie and Brandon have committed to living on the road full-time out of their pickup truck (“Tank”) with an off-road trailer (“Pigpen”) in order to experience the world in a way that not many would be brave enough to try - one backroad dirt trail at a time.

To follow Brandon, Kellie, and their pup, Moose:

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