Episode 45: Puja Seth

Episode 45:
PUJA SETH: The Designer of Modern Outdoor Apparel for Women

Some people love the outdoors. Others are obsessed with it.

By her own definition, Puja Seth falls into the "obsessed" category. As an avid adventure traveler, she realized that the majority of outdoor gear was designed for men by men. So she set out to change this. She interviewed over 300 women, asking, listening and diving deep into what they needed from their outdoor & travel gear - finding out what was missing, what sucked, what was great, and what was on their wish list. After listening to all the feedback she distilled it all down into three core values that seemed unanimous among those women: Obsess over quality + fit. Make it sustainably. Build an outdoor culture for women.
And that's exactly what she's doing with Drifted.

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