Episode 3 - Robert "Fly" Navarro

Episode 3:
ROBERT "FLY" NAVARRO: The Respected Fisherman

Want to meet a "real" fisherman??
Look (and listen) no further...

Robert "Fly" Navarro is your guy. Fly is as respected as they come in the outdoor and offshore fishing world. His following is both loyal and engaged. He's started businesses, launched a magazine, ran some of the largest fishing tournaments, coached both kids and high profile people on how to catch "the big one", and traveled the world running some of top offshore fishing boats. We're firm believers that there's nothing like being out on the water to clear your mind. Fly will be the first to tell you he's grateful that he gets to do this for a living and everyone else will tell you, he's damn good at it.

To follow Fly and his adventures:

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