Episode 39: Natalie and Deejay

Episode 39:
Natalie Van Dusen & Deejay Newell: The Community-Driven Coffee Roasters

Sometimes inspiration for a new idea comes in the most unlikely of places. Such was the case for Natalie Van Dusen.

Natalie discovered the ancient craft of coffee roasting while traveling across Colombia on a motorcycle adventure. Driven by curiosity and a fierce love of coffee, she was inspired by her visit with a farmer, Don Eilas, who not only taught her about the growing process but also invited her into his home to show her how he roasted freshly harvested coffee over an open flame.

Fast forward years later, Natalie and her now co-owner, Deejay (affectionately referred to as her sister) own Treeline Coffee Roasters, a fully formed roastery with two cafes, in Bozeman, MO. But, all of this is about more than just coffee to them. It's a way to create community and be a part of telling lasting stories.

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