Episode 36: Marci Nault

Episode 36: MARCI NAULT - The Woman Inspiring Other Women to Explore, Experience, And Thrive

Marci Nault, tried to buy her first dry-top from a brand name. When she looked at the sizing chart she realized that she was a small, medium, large, and an extra large measurement all in the same garment. How was that possible?

Researching the women's outdoor apparel industry, Marci found that the words "Shrink it and pink it". Take men's clothing... make it smaller, and pink.
THAT's how they made clothes for women.

Marci is a go-getter, an adventurer, and risk taker, and doesn't take "no" for answer, so she set out to solve the problem herself with her company E2T. Realizing that she’s spent her life feeling as if she didn’t “fit” in the outdoor adventure world she set out to change an industry while inspiring more women to get out and explore.

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