Episode 35: Ronnie Green

Episode 35:
RONNIE GREEN: The Charismatic Host of "A Fishing Story" TV Show

A good reality TV show is one that feels real and not scripted. Such is the case with A Fishing Story and its inspirational host, Ronnie Green.

Ronnie was an all-American sprinter in college and an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He became very successful in corporate America selling a variety of medical devices for many years. But his love for fishing started young as he reeled his first fish in at 5 years old with his Dad. Loving that thrill so much, he then could be found most days fishing with his great-grandmother who was an avid fisherwoman. The fishing bug bit him hard and he's grown quite the successful reputation within the BASS, FLW, and ABA fishing circuits.

Ronnie had a vision for a reality fishing show that would celebrate the small things in life. Things like catching a fish. Many said it couldn't be done and be successful. Ronnie has showed them otherwise by being featured on CBS Sports Network, Amazon Prime Video, World Fishing Network, and Discovery Go, and the Outdoor Channel.

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