Episode 34 - Heath Rowland

Episode 34:
HEATH ROWLAND: The Giant-Hearted Adventure Climber

When you are lucky enough to find that activity in nature that becomes "your thing", you've found a piece of heaven.

Such is the case for Heath Rowland and climbing. So much so that he's started his company, Ground Up, based on his love of the sport. A self-proclaimed hillbilly from Kentucky, Heath grew up in mining and construction, building things. He then was offered a job as an inside sales rep for Rab USA. It was there that he learned business, and learned how much he loved establishing traditional rock climbs with a ground up ethic. After 3 years at Rab, he was offered a job at SCARPA which marks the beginning of his company. Heath passionately believes that a business should exist to support the local and broader community. As such, Ground Up is a sales and marketing agency based in the Southeast that is heavily involved in local and regional climbing coalitions such as the SEC and the CCC and through those partnerships, they've raised ten's of thousands of dollars for climbing access. With a history in building things, Heath will tell you he's working on his biggest, and most exciting, build to date as he grows Ground Up.

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Kentucky Ice Climbing movie referenced in episode - Gone Tomorrow (Amazon Prime)

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