Episode 32: Tia Clark

Episode 32:
TIA CLARK: The Professional
Crabber Who Creates Memorable Experiences

It's virtually impossible to get on AirBnB's list of Top 4 Experiences.

...unless you are Tia Clark, founder of Casual Crabbing With Tia. Just three months into opening her crabbing experiences to the public in Charleston, SC, she was named among the four top AirBnB experiences in the world. Quite an accomplishment and very well deserved, but no one is more humble, and grateful for this honor, than Tia. She started crabbing for her health, literally, and as a result, crabbing has provided her more than she ever could have imagined. She now spends all of her days in the great outdoors as she shares the magical, memory-making experience with others.

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