Episode 31: Allegiance Flag Supply

Episode 31:
ALLEGIANCE FLAG SUPPLY: The Entrepreneurs Bringing Craftsmanship Back To Old Glory

The American flag brings with it a deep sense of patriotism and pride.

But too often the red, white, and blue flags we fly are cheaply made in another country, tattered, torn, mildewed and only last a short time. Katie & Wes Lyon wanted something different. They wanted a flag that would stand the test of time. One they could fly proudly on the front of their Charleston home. So they partnered with childhood friend, Max Berry, and set out to build a company that would manufacture exactly what they were looking for. With their company, Allegiance Flag Supply, they are committed to sourcing everything from the US and providing jobs for American workers making American flags. They take their flags seriously so that you can fly yours proudly.

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