Episode 4 - Lauren Griewski

Episode 4:
LAUREN GRIEWSKI: The 4.75x Triathlete

Triathleting through the loss...

Truth be told, it is a relatively small group who can claim they've competed in one triathlon, let alone FOUR...and 3/4... triathlons. This week's guest, Lauren Griewski, falls into that small but mighty group. Her triathlete journey was born out of a significant loss; and running, coupled with the community she met, was what led her to and through the process of grief and healing. Lauren is a beautiful force of nature who will, no doubt, inspire you to find what you love and begin pursuing it today.

To follow Lauren and her adventures:

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  • Mary RAISL

    I was invited by a friend to listen to today’s podcast. It was my first exposure to Do IT in Nature. It affirms my belief that life proffers us many experiences and all we need to do is accept. It was great to hear more about what makes Lauren the wonderful woman she is.

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