Episode 28: Nathan Pettijohn

Episode 28:
NATHAN PETTIJOHN: The Travels Of A Man And His Dog

Sometimes the very best healing in life comes from time with man's best friend.

After Nathan Pettijohn went through a tough breakup, he needed to get away from it all and clear his head. So he rented an RV and set off on a road trip with his beloved pup, Hafa. Recently, he wrote a book about their travels called Travels With Hafa. Nathan is no stranger to writing as he was coauthor on Zen and the Art of Admin Tasks and he's a regular contributing writer for Forbes on topics relating to what business leaders need to know about innovations in media and technology. In addition to being an author, he also founded a digital strategy agency called Cordouroy and is a talent manager in Los Angeles.

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  • IG - @nrpettijohn

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