Episode 27: Joel Ford

Episode 27:
JOEL FORD: The Quintessential Extreme Adventurist

There's likely not an extreme adventure that Joel Ford wouldn't at least try once.

Joel is the kind of guy who is most alive when he's outside. But not just outside hanging out, more like outside and pushing himself to the extreme. He has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (AT), which is 2,190 miles, and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which is 2,653 miles. He regularly participates in expedition racing, which is a multidisciplinary co-ed 2-5 person team sport involving navigation via compass over an unmarked wilderness course with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length. His upcoming challenges included applying for the ECO Challenge and trying to break the speed record on canoeing the entire Mississippi River. Joel is definitely a guy you want with you when you get lost in the woods.

To Read About Some Of Joel's Adventures:

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