Episode 18: Diane Sears and Cindy Chace

Episode 18:
CINDY CHACE & DIANE SEARS: The Powerhouse Founders of Go For The Greens

Women, Business, Relationship Building, and Golf... it's a powerful combination.

And few have experienced that more than Cindy Chace and Diane Sears through their non-profit organization, Go For The Greens. In 2008, their vision of connecting entrepreneurial women over the interactive sport of golf came to fruition and its impact has continued to increase exponentially ever since. The conference is produced by an all volunteer team and is held every year in Orlando at Disney World. Go For the Greens is based on four important pillars: generating revenue by growing companies to create more jobs, exchanging environment-friendly business practices, developing business strategy through golf, and mentoring of future entrepreneurs. These women are making a difference and using the outdoors to do it.

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