Episode 15 - Meeche White

Episode 15:
MEECHE WHITE: The Inspirational Founder of the National Ability Center

Meeche White had an innate desire 30+ years ago to help individuals increase their self-esteem.

Little did she know that desire would turn in the internationally acclaimed National Ability Center in Park City, UT. NAC is simply put, an extremely magical and special place. By NAC's own definition, they are the seekers and explorers, the fun-makers and adventurers. They believe life doesn’t stop unfolding just because someone has a (dis)ability. They're adaptive, and they work with people of all abilities, harnessing the power of specialized equipment, techniques, teaching methods and over 1,900 volunteers. This is the inspiring legacy Meeche has invested her life in that has and continues to impact countless people.

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