Episode 11 - Kitty Gwathmey

Episode 11:
KITTY GWATHMEY - The 80 Year Old Athlete

If it's true that life is what you make of it, then Kitty Gwathmey has made a life that's certainly been worth every bit of living.

She is 80 years young and has an active lifestyle that rivals most 50 year olds. From being a ski instructor in Vail, to being a dance teacher, to running the women's tennis league, to going on long bike rides with her husband, Kitty has a made a point to stay active and involved. And by doing so, she continues to live young. What an inspiration this beautiful human is for all of us!

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  • Cathy

    Even though I have heard so many of Kitty’s stories personally, I heard adventures she’s yet to share. At 69 she is my “shero” and inspiration. I never skied East of NC until I met Kitty and she convinced me I was not too old to learn how to go down Vail! I did because of her!! She and Ned are truly the best examples of living life to its fullest…in nature. Thanks Jules and Stace for showcasing Kitty.

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