Ep 49: Cokie Cox

Episode 49:
COKIE COX: The Perfect Day Seeking Adventurist Who Summited Mount Everest

Quite literally: of the 5,788 people to have summited Everest since Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary raised their flags there in 1953, just 653
- around 8% - of climbers have been women.*

And, Cokie Cox is one of them. Cokie's mantra over the last number of years has been "Perfect day". It's what she seeks, it's what she encourages others to pursue, and it's the message that she preaches. What if we all really did pursue every day a "perfect day" for us? How would life be different? How many regrets would be eliminated? Cokie doesn't sit around talking about her perfect day - she goes for it. Even if it means putting herself at insane risk in places like the side of a very large mountain. Listen in, this is a story sure to inspire!


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