How OME Gear is Empowering Women to Claim Their Space Outdoors

How OME Gear is Empowering Women to Claim Their Space Outdoors

Do you ever notice how many women love the outdoors? Most of you will say no.

The world views the great outdoors as a boys’ club. As REI Coop points out, "a casual look at any portrayal of the outdoors—movie, magazine, catalog, store, bookshelf—shows male imagery, heroes and stories." And it's not for lack of women who are willing to dive deep into adventurous trails or girls who want to dip their toes into what nature has to offer.

Fact is, the outdoor industry is brimming with talented, passionate, adventure-seeking, female nature lovers. Even a recent Outdoor Participation Report says that nearly half of today’s outdoor enthusiasts—46 percent—are women. So why haven’t we ever noticed just how big a role women play in this field?

It could be because only 63% of women could identify an outdoor female role model. And when polled, only six out of 10 women say that men’s interests in outdoor activities are taken more seriously than women’s. Even so, OME Gear’s founders, Julie Weldon and Stacey Pierce, are quick to point out a noticeable shift.


When Women Take the Reins

“We’ve definitely noticed the outdoor industry as being more male-dominated, but we feel like the tides are changing. It’s inspiring to watch women outdoor enthusiasts step up and use their voice and their strength to bring even more beauty to the outdoors,” Weldon says.

There’s no better time than now to be a woman involved in the outdoor industry. Athletes, businesswomen, adventure-seekers, nature-lovers—females today are consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Julie Weldon - OME Gear - Women Outdoors

For years, women who love adventure and nature struggled to play their traditional female roles and at the same time, find a way to demonstrate the strength that’s stereotypically associated with outdoor activities.

But being female founders of one of the fastest rising outdoor gear brands today, Weldon and Pierce believe it doesn’t have to be a choice between doing what you love and what’s accepted in society.

"It's not always about being the strongest on the course; it's about bringing your A-game. Nature is intended for everyone, we just need to show up," says Pierce.

A Fresh Path

For OME Gear, the goal is to create opportunities that go back to what's important. It's not so much about creating something specifically tailored for females; it's more about giving everyone an indispensable tool that will allow them to truly enjoy the outdoors.

This is the concept that’s behind The Wanderr™.

Even at face value, The Wanderr® is an innovative product. It's a 5 in 1 convertible piece of outdoor gear that can transform into a cart, a cot, high chair, a low chair, and a lounger.

It's masterfully engineered to withstand the toughest trails and still be easy enough to use for leisurely days on the beach. It's a product that highlights thoughtful details that serve the outdoor adventurer's needs. You don't have to be male or female to appreciate it—you just have to love the outdoors.

The Wanderr combines durability with functionality, so you know you can always count on it do the heavy lifting for you. It fuses practicality with comfort so you can make the most out of every adventure. And it balances utility and leisure, so it lives up to its promise of becoming an indispensable tool.

At the end of the day, everyone needs ingenuity in their outdoor gear. They need equipment they can depend on, and tools they can trust. And while this may be the simple, undeniable draw of The Wanderr, it’s also so much more.

OME Gear’s efforts are putting the spotlight on what women are doing and can do to transform the outdoor industry. Weldon and Pierce’s vision for The Wanderr emphasizes how women must encourage other women to take the lead and bring their ideas to life.

It highlights the significant role women are playing in this field; how they're breaking down barriers and changing preconceived notions about what it means to be a woman in this business. And most of all, it reminds us all of the fact that love for the great outdoors knows no gender.

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