Why Do Some Of The Worst Words Start With “C”?

Why Do Some Of The Worst Words Start With “C”?

Two weeks ago we were in Hearne, TX giving Olive (our RV) a makeover and taking a much needed break from RV parks. 

We were staying at our dear friend's farm called LPOT (Little Piece of Texas). 

We like to think of it as the LPPOT (Little Perfect Piece of Texas). 

Olive was parked under a beautiful shade tree, sounds of children playing, chickens clucking, tractors mowing, lots of sweet pups, “ranch water” flowing, coyotes howling, abundant stars twinkling...simply perfection!!  

We were working super long days in the hot Texas sun. 

But, we did manage to take a fun break and go to a local safari with the kiddos. 

Aggieland Safari’s organization was born from a love of animal stewardship and dedication to conservation.

They say everything is bigger in Texas but we also learned that the days are “longer” (especially staying on a farm), the sun shines “brighter”, and it is down right “hotter”... kind of like a screen door away from Hell "HOT"! 

We never thought we could say that since we are from the humidity capital of the south (Charleston, SC)...but Texas is just a different kind of hot. 

Makes us miss those nice coastal breezes, even though some days in Charleston, SC the breezes can be as hot as a panting dog’s breath, but at least there was a breeze!! 🤦‍♀️

On about the fourth day in the bigger, longer, brighter, and hotter state of Texas, we were exhausted!! 

I (Stace) had a tinge of a sore throat but just thought it was from the dry heat.

The next day my stomach was off but I attributed that to being off our regular diet and eating schedule. 

Yes, the rumor is true, we eat around 5:30 every night - there's nothing like a good Early Bird Special.

But we like to call it “Happy Hour".

It makes us feel younger and more fun, and besides… who really wants to eat worms?! 

Two more days passed and the symptoms were still there but nothing I couldn’t handle. 

Jules was still feeling fine as frog hair, other than the hourly hot flashes. 🤣 😂 

Hot flashes in the hotter Texas heat makes her feel like she has gone from being behind the screen door to sitting right in the butt crack of satan!! 

Ok... back to me. 🥳

I was increasingly becoming more and more exhausted, but still didn’t think much about it. 

Then the news came in... one of the members of the LPOT family tested positive for the dreaded Covid. 

I can tell you, in that moment, I felt all my ailments bubble back to the surface in full force - but there was no way I had it because I could still smell and taste everything, and Covid had nothing to do with my stomach or exhaustion issues, right?!  

We immediately went and got tested and then we waited for 24-48 hours.


24 to 48 hours is a long time to wait to find out if you are a "winner" of the 2020, and now 2021, Scarlet Letter “C”. 

We have to say the LPOT was extra quiet that night since we were all forced to retreat to our small piece of the farm and wait while we mentally flipped coins...Heads (+) or Tails (-). 

One by one the results came in Negative, Positive, Positive, Negative, Negative, Positive, Negative, Positive, Positive...over half of the farm had Covid...me included! 

Even though (thankfully) my symptoms were mild compared to others, (to be honest I probably would not have ever gotten tested) seeing the word “Positive” played with my psyche just a bit.  

Jules was Negative...Hallelujah! 

Now the question was - how do we quarantine in less than 300 sq. ft. and stay at least 6 ft. apart? 

This was not happening so we just prayed, A LOT, that Jules wouldn’t get it!! 

I do, however, consider myself super fortunate with my symptoms - my worst was the exhaustion where I felt like a sloth that had taken a bottle of melatonin while holding 50 lbs. of weights on each limb. 

Sounds weird but I was so tired that it felt like a chore to sleep...crazy making!! 

Please be certain that this is not a political post or a post about what people should or should not do. 

We wanted to share our experience with Covid, how thankful we are that the symptoms were not worse, and to share that we both tested negative (3x) a week later.  

We did get the vaccination and that was our personal choice.

We also have been wearing masks again, also our personal choice. 

We know people who have and haven’t gotten the vaccination and both have gotten Covid and we do not - and will not - make judgements either way.

We know people who have survived it and, heartbreakingly we also know many who have not - with and without the vaccination. 

Now, more than ever, is the time for understanding, empathy, sympathy, kindness, and love. 

And to take caution and be safe!

If possible, be sure to take some time to get outside in nature this weekend.

Until next week, xo

J+S 💚

As a side note:  We had some of our dearest friends from Charleston fly to Austin to see us and we were not able to see them thanks to Covid, Big BUMMER! Thank you, Katherine and Manning for making the effort. We love you both! See you in Cali! 

Another side note: We LOVE it when you leave comments. 😃 Just a hello, or whatever. Means a lot to know people are reading this! 


  • Barbara Calcagno

    Oh, no! So sorry Stace, and hope you are feeling better every day.
    Hopefully Jules remains negative, and that Texas will be in Olive’s
    Rear view mirror soon. I guess those road signs mean it when they read
    “Don’t miss with Texas.
    Hugs to you both,
    Barbara Calcagno
    AKA George’s grandmother

  • Donelle West

    So glad you are feeling better. I enjoy following your adventure. Great pictures and writing! Take care! 😊

  • Sherry Smith

    I’m so sorry you had the terrible “C” Stacey. Thankful Julie didn’t. Most of all thankful it’s behind you- I hope. Love and miss you both. Wishing you safe travels and continued awesome adventures 💗💗

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