What Are We Actually Selling?

What Are We Actually Selling?

Many of you know that our flagship product is called The Wanderr - an award-winning, innovative piece of outdoor gear transformational awesomeness. 

But, this week I was wondering… 

Do you know what we’re really selling?

Maybe first I should tell you what makes Stace and I (the co-founders) tick.

Some people are driven by work. Some people are inspired by money. Some people are motivated by success. And others just have to travel. And still others are drawn in by fighting for good causes. 

We definitely love and pursue all those things, but what inspires us most in this world are relationships. 

Our belief is... at the end of the day what matters most is the quality of relationships we have and are pursuing. 

We want to make a lasting impact on this world. 

In fact, our motto is “Out Love. Out Give.”

So, we built a company called OME Gear with an innovative flagship product called The Wanderr for that very reason. 

Which, as a side note, "The Wanderr" is affectionately named in honor of my Dad - Paul Weldon - who is the King of building genuine, trusting and loving relationships with everyone he meets as he "wanders" in pursuit of loving others. 

We want to use OME Gear as a catalyst to meet and positively impact as many people as possible during our time on this beautiful planet. 

Because The Wanderr is such a “wow!”-inducing product when someone sees it, it gives us the privilege to enter into someone else’s life. 

That being said, we’re selling an experience.

We’re selling a product that’s been made by people we care about, to be able to sell to people we care about (or will care about). 

That might seem a little “squishy” and “soft” to some, but that’s ok. 

Because we believe if you have a great product that you stand behind, you don’t really get it right until you also get the “squishy” and “soft” parts right. 

So, if you buy a Wanderr from us, know that there are two founders and a small but mighty team of people who want to know you, and deeply care that the product you bought creates memorable outdoor experiences for you, with those you love.

If you've already supported us and OME Gear, we are truly grateful. 

You are what makes building this company so fun!!

Happy Friday!


Jules + Stace 💚

p.s. As we're on the road, away from friends and family, your comments make us smile and feel like a big hug. Know that we read every one of them with happy hearts!!


  • James Brown

    Feels like you’re selling fun, too!

  • Sandra Pierce

    Love you girls, what you stand for, what you are doing, the kind of people you are, but most of all I just love you because of who you are – FAMILY!!
    Love and hugs, Mom Pierce

    PS Always remember what I have said to you, Stacey, and your brother you entire lives: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other gold!!!”

    Keep collecting those GOLD friends!!!

  • Barbara Calcagno

    Julie and Stacie are two of the most interesting, loving, dedicated, hard working and more, people I am fortunate to know. Two big hugs Ladies!

  • Sherry Smith

    Love you both! Be safe and rock on!

  • James B Temple

    Hey there!! Weather has finally turned as of this weekend back home. People are out enjoying the cool air and you can smell Autumn. This isn’t supposed to make you sad, but I thought about you both a lot this weekend. Hope you are doing well and let me know where you all are at. You should be hitting the west coast pretty soon.

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