Well, It’s Official… We’re Nomads.

Well, It’s Official… We’re Nomads.

Have you thought back on your life at any point and said, “Wow, I never would have/could have scripted this?” 

Yeah, us too. 

In fact, this is where we find ourselves in this very moment. 

Almost 50 years old.

Without a place to call home. 

Inventors of a product with 147 - yes, 147 - parts and pieces. 

And about to get a 32 ft. RV that we’ll live in for a year+ to build our brand. 

Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - about that is what either of us scripted. 

But, life has a way of scripting itself, doesn’t it?

Sometimes beautifully and better than you expected, and other times painfully life-altering. 

Either way, there are lessons to be learned and growth to be experienced.

It was surreal as we pulled away from our house yesterday for the last time. 

Tears flowed... tears of thankfulness. 

In the 8.5 years of living there, the memories made in that house, and in our neighborhood, are rich and deep. 

And will forever be a chapter we’re incredibly proud of. 

But, that chapter has closed. 

Life continues to press on. 

We now look forward with great anticipation to what lies ahead. 

Both the things that will challenge us to our core, and the things that will take our breath away with awe and gratitude.

They say “home is where the heart is”, and this couldn’t be more true in our case. 

Home truly is where your heart is. 

We’d love to hear from you… when has life unexpectedly scripted something for you that's brought about beautiful change in your life?


Jules + Stace 


As a note: for some strange reason, this platform doesn’t allow us to respond to comments, but know we read and appreciate every single one!


  • Charles Firbank

    Fantastic. It must be pretty scary but I have no doubt that you will not only succeed, you’ll also look back on this as one of the best and most exciting times of your lives. I wish you every success and look forward to reading your story as it unfolds. Good luck girls – go out there and make it happen. Charles

  • Tina Brewer

    There are definite trials and tribulations in our journey of life that leave a path of , "wow, how did we survive that and whew, we can do anything ".
    That’s life…it really is!

  • Lisa Gomez

    We too are now homeless. As of last. Week they sold my home on the courthouse steps. A home I paid for 30 years. They sold it to pay a judgement for a CC that someone opened in my name many years ago. The company who demanded it is owned by the mother of the person who did this. They stole my ID and also put stolen cars in my name. A family of criminals. She has a cease and desist order she signed with a federal agency. But they still sold my home. Don’t know where we are going next.

  • Kelly Lynn Dimeler

    I never thought I would be living in the Middle East. Never crossed my mind. I absolutely love it! God has way of moving us forward because His plans are far greater than our dreams can take us.
    I wish you both a fabulous adventure and safe travels. If you ever come to Abu Dhabi, consider our home to be your home.

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