Top 10 Questions We’ve Been Asked... So Far

Top 10 Questions We’ve Been Asked... So Far

Anytime you do anything that feels out of the norm for most, you’re bound to get questions.

Probably lots of questions.

At least this has proven true for us as we’ve announced this 12-18 month adventure we’re on with OME Gear. 

So, we thought it’d be fun for both of us to answer those questions here once and for all.

Here goes…

1) Who does the driving?

Jules: Even though it was Stace’s idea to go to driving school, I’ve done 99.5% of the driving so far. But… to be honest, I’m a horrible navigator, so it’s a perfect match.
Stace: Ummmm...I barely drive a car so I feel very confident that I will not be behind the wheel of Olive very often. I did, however, take driving classes so I would be semi-comfortable behind the wheel when Jules needs a much needed break from me screaming “oh sh!t”, “waaaaatch out”, geeeeeeez”, and me putting a hole in the floorboard pressing on my imaginary brake! 

2) Is it scary driving that big of a rig?

Jules: Without hesitation, my answer is yes. It’s pretty much terrifying. Just when you think you’ve mastered one thing, the road, or the weather, throws you a major curveball. Think concrete barriers, high winds, heavy rain, 18 wheelers, idiot drivers, narrow lanes, long two lane bridges, overhanging trees, sharp turns, etc. Most of the time, my palms are sweaty and my knuckles are white.
Stace: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! It is scary to ride in one too - and not like a roller-coaster-scary either, it is like “oh-sh!t-we-may-die” scary! I don’t see the big rigs coming up on the left so when all of a sudden Olive swerves over and hits the rumble strips (bump.bump.bump, bump…) and then when the big rig passes it sucks you back to the right. Do they make extra strength Xanax?!

3) Does it get claustrophobic staying in that small space?

Jules: Most of the time, no. But, if I’m being honest, there have definitely been a few times where I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Deeeeeep breaths.
Stace: The small space has not bothered me...yet!!  

4) What did you do with all your stuff from your house?

Jules: We did an initial purge of about 85% of our stuff. Then we did a second purge of about 85% of the remaining 15%. Was both freeing and a bit emotional, but mostly freeing. 
Stace: PURGE!!! When we say purge, we did get rid of most of the “just stuff”. But truth be told, we do have 2 storage units where we have all of our catering dishes, fine china, books, and 5 pieces of furniture for when we get back to Charleston and build the B&B. 

5) Who cleans out the pooper?

Jules: Stace and I made a deal in the beginning... If I do all the driving, she’ll do all the hookups - water, electricity, sewage. Jury is still out on who got the better end of the deal. 
Stace:  I am the HPD “Head Pooper Dumper” of this household! I can now add to my resume...plumber, electrician, and IT! I even like to show off my best plumbers crack while doing the dirty deed!! 

And, on that note, 6) Does it smell up the whole RV when someone does their business?

Jules: Lucky for Stace, my poo doesn’t stink. Now, Stace’s on the other hand…… why in the world did we give away the gas mask to Goodwill?!?!
Stace: HAHAHA!! Just read what Jules wrote...don’t let her fool ya! But for those of you who are really wondering about this we have an open air vent with a fan, a lavender infuser, and B4 toilet drops to help control even the worst of smelly creations! Also, as the HPD, I add Happy Camper to the tank every so often to help control any back up odors. 

7) What’s been the hardest thing to adjust to?  

Jules: Oh, this list is loooong, but the first thing that comes to mind is making sure every single thing has its place and is put back exactly where you found it. Space is so limited that any little bit of clutter is noticed. And, I don’t like clutter.
Stace: Everything! Everything about this new normal life takes some adjusting to. We are big bed makers and this is even a challenge. I have realized that living in a house I took things like running the air, running the water, drying my hair, doing laundry all for granted. Now we have to think about every dang thing!  

8) How’s cooking on the RV?

Jules: If you know Stace at all, you know that she can whip up a gourmet dinner in a small closet and it would still be amazing. So, thankfully, no sacrifices for me in that category. 
Stace:  I love a good ol’ cooking challenge!! The biggest challenge is only buying what we need because pantry and refrigerator space is at a premium. 

9) How good does a cocktail taste after a day of driving?

Jules: Honestly, you don’t even know. It’s like sweet nectar to a thirsty soul on a breezy, sunny day. And, for those of you who like dirty vodka martinis… try adding a splash of lime juice with a lime twist. This is my new favorite and pure next level goodness. 
Stace: I try not to drink during the week but it is hard not to partake after sitting in the passenger seat for 3 to 4 hours with my butthole sucked in so tight that not even a F5 Tornado could drive a piece of pine straw in.

10) Is this a bucket list item for you?

Jules: Hmmm… tough question. I love adventure and living life to the full, but this has pushed me waaay out of my comfort zone. When Stace and I made our bucket list, this most definitely wasn’t on it, but I’m sure after the memories we make, it’ll be something that gets added… after the fact. :)
Stace: This is not just a no, it is a HELL NO! My bucket list is filled with things like you know, drinking wine under a Tuscan sunset, staying in a dome house in Finland to see the Northern lights, or sipping on champagne somewhere looking over Mediterranean... not riding in a big box down the highways and byways of America!! But I would rather be in our rolling billboard with Jules than anywhere without her!


If you have a question that we didn’t answer, put it in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer it next time!

We’re currently at a KOA in Clearwater, FL. We’re meeting great people, connecting with dear friends, doing lots of demo’s to curious neighbors, and will be the spotlighted guests on a fishing show, called A Fishing Story next week. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!  We love hearing from you, so leave us some love in the comment section. The platform doesn’t allow us to reply, but we read every one of them with hearts full of love!

Until next week… let’s go Do It In Nature!


Jules + Stace 💙


  • Becky M Blakeney

    We are so enjoying following you!

  • John C Haskell

    I know you girls are having FUN FUN FUN! I enjoyed reading about your journey! Be Kool and be Safe! I love you girls! 😉❤️😊

  • Vanessa M Biernat

    Ugh, I just adore you both! These questions and answers had me rooooolling!💙
    So so incredibly excited for you both! Can’t wait to hear next week about the next adventure!!

    All my love to you both!

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