We Couldn’t Fit The Wanderr® Into a Single Category—So We’re Defining A Whole New One For It

We Couldn’t Fit The Wanderr® Into a Single Category—So We’re Defining A Whole New One For It

The Wanderr - Do It In Nature - Outdoor Gear

Think about all the products we buy and use. It wasn’t too long ago that many, if not all, left a lot to be desired.

We complained that things were slow and unreliable. Often they weren’t durable and couldn’t stand the test of time; and anything that could was usually clunky and cumbersome.

But in recent years, we’re seeing a significant shift.

Manufacturers are paying more attention to a product’s relevance and usefulness. People have started to focus on innovation and sustainability. Consumers are becoming more willing to spend if it means better quality.

And as a result, we now have products that underscore the brilliance of its makers and highlight the fact that now is the Golden Age of innovation—and we have companies like ours, with products like The Wanderr™, to prove it.

What is The Wanderr™?

That’s a good question.

In the simplest terms, The Wanderr™, is a transforming cart. It features five configurations and can serve as a cart, a camping cot, low chair, lounger, and higher off the ground field chair.

It’s outdoor gear, for sure… which shouldn’t be such a big deal. After all, a lot of things, especially ones built for the outdoors, can do the same thing, right?

Not entirely—because The Wanderr™ represents how a product can combine design with relevance. And that allows it to provide a real solution to problems that other outdoor gear can’t.

No More Designated Pack Mule

The Wanderr - Pack Mule No More

The Wanderr™ is a product that set out to solve one problem: allow outdoor enthusiasts to truly enjoy the outdoors. That starts by making sure no one has to be the designated pack mule.

If you wanted to go on a hike or trek, go camping, go tailgating, or even spend a leisurely day out in the park or the beach, that would be hard to do without supplies. And there’s only so much that your pack can carry and you back can withstand.

Your first go-to solution might be to use a cart, but most carts are built to roll leisurely across flat surfaces. So maybe finding one that was made for rough terrain is the answer; except they’re probably going to be heavy and massive.

This is where The Wanderr™ comes in.

Everything about The Wanderr™ was included to thoughtfully solve the designated pack mule’s biggest problem. As a cart, The Wanderr™—weighing in at only 28 pounds—is built to carry up to 250 pounds of gear.

It’s engineered to withstand the elements—from its lightweight, aluminum tubing, rust-resistant components, as well as UV protected materials and parts.Even its all-terrain wheels are designed to roll smoothly through most any terrain.

All you really need to do is fold it up so it neatly fits inside your trunk, ready to be loaded up and taken on your next outdoor adventure.

But wait, there’s more...

Brands who carve new categories for products they create have a choice--

They can take existing products and make them incrementally better by changing a few bits here and there, then quickly make a profit. Or they can step out of the box and redefine its concept and purpose to carve a new segment and own it.

The Wanderr™ falls into the latter category.

Remember, The Wanderr™’s goal was to allow nature lovers to truly enjoy the outdoors. So we made sure that The Wanderr™ could offer more.

So they built a cart that could transform into something even equally useful once you’re out in nature—a chair.

And depending on your mood or need, you can use The Wanderr™ as a low chair, a high chair, a camping cot, or a lounger.

It’s so simple, it’s ingenious. And yet to date, you’d be hard-pressed to find a product that can directly compete with everything The Wanderr™ has to offer.

Think Beyond the Product

The Wanderr - O.M.E. Gear - Outdoor Gear

We essentially had an idea.

It was inspired by their love for nature and the outdoors, and their respect for the functionality behind things we take for granted every day. The result is a product that is a testament to the fact that outdoor enthusiasts will still recognize and respect a well-engineered product that addresses a real need.

So what if it didn’t neatly fit into a single product category? That was the point—The Wanderr™ deserves a whole new one.

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