Is This Transforming Cart the Future of Outdoor Activities?

Is This Transforming Cart the Future of Outdoor Activities?

The thrill of the outdoors is not lost on the masses—especially during a time when the benefits of outdoor activities are seeing a historic, almost unprecedented, interest from more than just the hardcore adventurers.

But here’s the thing—when you’re dealing with gear that’s meant to serve a real purpose, brands have to put strong focus on its functionality. Year in and year out, the biggest brands in this space compete for the attention of a very niche market. They harp on the technical superiority of their offerings to draw overachieving weekend warriors; at the expense of what the casual hiker and beach enthusiast actually wants.

The challenge now lies in creating a product that can appeal to novices and still serve pros.  A product that intrepid adventure seekers will appreciate for its high-performance durability, yet outdoor leisure lovers will find indispensable.

Finding this balance is where the future of adventure gear is headed—and if The Wanderr® is anything to go by, it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

Meet The Wanderr™

The Wanderr’s premise is simple—outdoor activities, regardless of what they are, require equipment. This means inevitably, someone will end up becoming the designated pack mule for all the stuff you need to pack for your trip. The Wanderr was designed so no one has to be.

At face value, The Wanderr is a cart, albeit a feature-packed, 5-in-1 piece of outdoor engineering that’s built to do all the heavy lifting for your next adventure.

As a cart, it’s designed to carry 250 pounds and survive every terrain that you take it to—any trail, mountain, desert, or even city—no matter what weather. And depending on your needs, or mood even, you can use it as a reclinable lounger, low beach chair, a higher field or camping chair, and a camping cot. 

Simplicity in Innovation

For hardcore adventurers, the visual language of outdoor gear is all about complexity. They’re all alloys and knobs, ridges and ribs, mesh and fabric, designed for all-weather proofing, strength and shock absorbance. It’s this kind of high-tech architecture that defines what’s reliable in adventure equipment—each element intended to connote performance.

The Wanderr, begs to differ.

There’s no point in complicating things when you’re already worried about making it through difficult terrain or busy attending to the logistics of a campsite. So The Wanderr keeps it simple and straightforward. The product is easy to use, set up and convert--all you really have to worry about is what you need it for.

Despite its simplicity, it is, above all, a tool made specifically for the great outdoors. So you can rest assured that The Wanderr is built to last--maybe even outlive you. In the words of OME Gear, the makers of The Wanderr--”there’s nothing else like it available.” And if you want to learn more about how you can get your hands on one, visit our shop today.

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