The Responses We've Gotten Since We Made Our Announcement

The Responses We've Gotten Since We Made Our Announcement

We officially announced two weeks ago that we are getting rid of everything and going to live for a year (+/-) in a wrapped OME Gear RV. Since then, we’ve had many conversations with family, friends, and complete strangers about this endeavor we’re undertaking. 

The range of responses has been very interesting.

Most, if not all, have been incredibly happy for us. Which has certainly been appreciated and welcome. 

There are two responses though, that have been intriguing to us. 

The first is “we’re worried for you.” 

We went to dinner last night and talked about this, trying to understand what this worry might be rooted in. 

Worry comes from lack of control.

Worry comes from lack of understanding. 

Worry comes from fear of the unknown.

To be an entrepreneur, you have to push through the fear. 

You have to do things that may seem unconventional to someone looking in.  

This is rarely easy, but it's imperative for success. 

When we started with OME Gear, we knew it would involve sacrifices. We knew there’d be risks.

Had we known what we know now, in all honesty, some days we say we probably would’ve chosen differently.

But most days, we’d do it all the same. 

The worry means people care. They want to ensure our safety. And, we get - and appreciate - that.

But, oftentimes, out where it’s scary is where the good stories are made. 

A second response has had us talking even more... 

“We’re jealous of you. We wish we could do that.”

We’ve heard this over and over from so many different people. 

As we’ve been talking about this, we began wondering out loud… Are we unique? Do we have something special that others don’t have? Are we just that lucky that we can dream up something and do it?

The answer, of course, is absolutely not. 

The difference is… We just do it. 

We don’t ask questions.

We don’t ask permission.

We just jump. 

And make sure to take it all in on the way down as we’re praying to God the parachute will open. 

But also, the difference is… we have to do it. 

We’re using the equity from our home sale to continue to fund our company. 

We’re taking our marketing tactics back old school and peddling our wares as we go. 

We, along with our absolutely incredible team, are building the OME Gear brand one mile at a time.  

We recently joined an RV Entrepreneur Facebook group. If you asked us a year ago if we ever pictured ourselves as “RV’ers”, we would have laughed and said “no way, not in a million years”. 

But here we are… a part of this group with 18,000 other entrepreneurs who find themselves working every day from their RV. 

There is a whole other world of people out there that we never knew existed.

These people got tired of all the stuff. They came to the very real realization that life is short. They wanted to see and experience this incredible world that we get to call ours every day. 

This may sound a little weird... but we didn’t choose this RV adventure.

It chose us.

This wasn’t in our plan.

Hell, we’ve never even driven an RV a day in our lives. 

Is this a good choice for everyone? No. Definitely not. 

But it definitely is a good one for us for the foreseeable future. 

If you’ve got an itch for something different. Something new. An adventure. There is absolutely nothing stopping you.

You just have to jump.

And pray hard for your beautiful parachute to open.


  • Cathy A. Broom

    I’m excited and happy for you two. I know you will make lifelong memories as well as new friends. It takes courage and inspiration to “jump and just so it”! I wish you happiness, success and many adventures. God be with you as you make your dreams come true. Love and hugs 🤗

  • Linda Hancock

    With all the smart,positive energy the two of you and your team show I believe this is just a turn in the improvement you will bring to this crazy World we current share. Your strength and power together is going to lead you to greater times and success. In today’s world what better way to connect with folks who are learning about the outside adventures that they may never have given much thought of before. Thrilled but not surprised there is a RV group with similar drive. What a great way to meet folks and learn from on this new path. Blessings to your adventure and know you will teach us all how to enjoy life to the fullest. Will vision you both smiling and happy with the new adventures in your path. Send lots of pictures!!

  • Vanessa M Biernat

    I’m so so incredibly excited for you guys!! I can’t wait to follow your journey, through all its ups and downs. 💙 hoping I get to see you gals on its path as well!

  • Kimberly K. Powell

    I absolutely love that their is an RV entrepreneur group. I swear I’m renting one and visiting you!
    I think worry is fear and we all love you two and are cheering for your success and praying for your safety and continued success. I think we are all so weary and tired of the current state of affairs and Covid and long to leave it all behind and worry just about the day’s adventure. Good for you two! Old school is the best school and I know this year will be amazing!!

  • Cara Jensen

    Hi ladies,
    We received a lot of the same comments. There were the worried and jealous groups. Many had no idea that a lot of people, young and old, do this lifestyle and enjoy it. You two will do great and I hope we get a chance to meet up in the near future. The FB groups are great for learning about RV’s etc. Will you be staying mostly on campgrounds and resorts? We have a Thousand Trails membership that was great for us. We are selling it since we have decided to have a place in Mesa, AZ and Howe, IN. I would love to talk to you about the benefits of a membership and how it can save you a lot of money, if you are interested. What kind of an RV ate you getting?

    Talk soon,
    Cara Jensen

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