The History of OME Gear - A Story of Perseverance

The History of OME Gear - A Story of Perseverance

You may not know the history of OME Gear.

How about a little story time with Jules + Stace... 😁 📖

1998 - Dad + Mom Weldon came up with 2-in-1 concept of transforming product (lounger + dolly) after seeing a single mom struggling with 3 kids coming off the beach (with Clay’s (Jules' brother) genius branding help).

2000 - 1st patent was granted to them but they ran out of budget money and know-how to take a product to market.

2010 - I (Jules) picked it up and began to completely redesign it into a 3-in-1 (cart, chair, table).

2012 - I partnered with a US manufacturer and sold them 60% of my company (which was really just a concept at the time).

2013 - We won innovation awards at Surf Expo and National Hardware Show.

2014 - I walked away from US manufacturer because of irreconcilable difference of values (one of the hardest things I've ever done).

2016 - Stace and I began thinking about a complete redesign.

2018 - US manufacturer dissolved the former company.

2018 - We incorporated OME Gear and The 5-in-1 Wanderr began to take shape. We worked with a design firm and spent ~$300k on coming up with the design with them 😩).

2018 - We were a top 10 finalist for Overall Innovation awards and won People's Choice award at Outdoor Retailer Show.

2018 - We successfully funded on Kickstarter.

2018-2021 - We hired and fired 2 overseas manufacturers (during Covid!) - from 1st manufacturer, we got 100 production Wanderrs that were only about 60% of the way "there". From 2nd manufacturer, we got 2,500 Wanderrs that needed $100k of rework.

2018-2021 - We got 3 more patents granted, with a 4th in the works.

2021 - Stace + Jules sold home to invest the equity into OME Gear. 

2021 - Stace + Jules hit the road in a 32' wrapped OME Gear RV to travel the US for 18 months building the brand. 

2021 - Secured relationship with a fantastic US manufacturer and started shipping Assembled in US Wanderrs.

2021 - Won Most Innovative Concept at National Hardware Show.

2021 - Won America's Big Deal (150,000 entrepreneurs applied, 50 chosen to be on the show).

2022 - story continues to be written...

The beauty of our story is that no two stories are alike.

Our story is unique to us. 

OME Gear is 23 years in the making.

And, no two entrepreneurs' stories are alike...

Some raise investor capital, some don't.

Some manufacture in US, some don't.

Some grow to sell, some grow to pass on to kids.

Some know what they're doing, but truth be told - most don't.

We share this story for a couple of reasons:

1) We want you to know the long road we've walked to get Wanderrs out into the market.

2) But, more importantly, we want to encourage you to write your own story and be proud of it.

Need encouragement on grit and perseverance? We can certainly help.

Leave us a comment below, or if you want us to respond, shoot us an email at!

2022 is going to be our year of momentum and growth. Watch us!

Hope it's yours as well! 


Jules + Stace 💚

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