Hi friends! 👋

Sorry it's been a couple weeks since we've posted. Life on the road has been a little crazy between having zero cell service in Kentucky to working 14 hour days at FloydFest in Virginia.

But... we're back!  🤗

Before we tell you about our trip detour we would love to take a little time to tell you about some of the amazing adventures and people we have met so far!

We think our last travel/new friends update was when we were just leaving Tampa/Clearwater/St Pete area off the 30A, which feels like ages ago. 


Many of you may not know what 30A is, and the folks who live there probably want it kept a secret so don’t tell them we told you. 

30A is a stretch of highway between Destin and Panama City. It is sprinkled with small beach towns that all have a different decor/themes.

Because of needing to stay in a RV park, we ended up parking Olive in a place called DeFuniak Springs about 45 mins outside of 30A, but spent the majority of our time enjoying the beauty of 30A proper. 

The RV park was beautiful but we were in the boonies. Let's just say if you were to look up BFE on the map, you might have just found us there! 🤣

We didn’t realize just how far out we were until our Jeep broke down and there were no rental cars or Uber’s within a 100 mile radius.

Thank goodness for our new friend Mike who owns 30A Pontoon and had a Sling Shot for rent!!

Yep, two middle aged, moderately conservative women riding around in Sling Shot…quite the sight! 

Back to our stays and the people we met!

Our first day in the park we were given a “God Wink” when we found out our neighbor, Leslie, was from Mt Pleasant, SC!!

Small Freakin’ World!

We got to catch up with our beautiful friend, Lexi Davis.

Had cocktails with our friends and power couple, Phillip and Ann Heppding.

Supported a local charity at our favorite watering hole Red Fish Taco owned by our friend, Jim Richard.

Have our sales guy, Joe and "Mrs. Koepps", his beautiful bride, join us for a couple of days and promoted our product at an event at Blue Water Outriggers in Port St. Joe (you can find the Wanderr now for sale at that store). 

Did a photoshoot with

Spent time with new friends, Aaron and Yolanda at their house.

Rode 35 miles on electric bikes - so FUN!

Met one of our top ambassadors, Roger.

And met new friends Kevin, Carolyn, Edmond, and David.

Two of our biggest highlights were spending lots of time with our dear friends JoAnn and Kajsa who own Beach Happy Cafe (a must try) and These two beautiful souls are the salt of the earth friends. Extra big shout out to them for helping us out when our Jeep broke down, they came to rescue by driving 45 minutes to bring us their car. Let us repeat, “Salt of the Earth”! 

Finally, the cherry on top of our time in the 30A area was being able to soak up the “love rays” from Jules’ family. (Aunt Betty, Uncle Fred, Sharon, Jeff, Sandy, Loyd, David, and Daniel) There is nothing like being with family. 

Then just like that our time was up in 30A and Olive was ready to hit the road again!


We stopped for a one nighter at Hodges Winery in Chattanooga, recorded an episode with the owners on our Do It In Nature podcast, and then on to Athens, Ga for a week.

The first day in Athens we flew up to Baltimore where we were able to catch up with our families for a cookout.

And, met with our manufacturer (right outside of Harrisburg, PA).

Then back in Athens, we met with the fantastic Kait from Bulleit Bourbon to chat about some exciting new future opportunities.

Stace’s family came to visit (Mom, Dad, and Nanny) and we sold Jeepy.

Had a wonderful dinner with dear friends Andy and Mauricio.

and hung out at Olive and smoked ribs for 4th July for our beautiful friend Sonia and her fiancé, Wesley. 

This was a super fun week filled with tons of family and Framily love.

Next stop Nash-Vegas, Baby!!


There are so many words we can use to describe Nashville but two that keep popping up are…EPIC REJUVINATION!!

This is when work truly was mixed with tons pleasure and relaxation.

We had meetings with powerhouse women like our dear friend, Amy Fish and her beautiful daughter, Kenzie! Fish is manager for Erin Kinsey, an up and coming Nashville star. Check out one of her newest songs that she co-wrote, and is performed by Dolly, called Pink. So gooood!

Had dinner with our dear friends Mia, Melissa and their three sweet daughters.

And then the one and only Kim Powell and her dear friend Lilly Cavanagh came in like fantastic wrecking balls and we took over Nashville, one bottle of bubbles and gin and tonic/soda at a time!

Kim was so gracious to put us up for one night at the most amazing boutique hotel, The Joseph.

We spent the day by the pool talking with new friends Ed and Aggie, had a wonderful lunch at Denim, and then painted town like Picasso on speed!

The next day we had our final dinner in Nashville where Amy (mentioned above) introduced us to two new friends from Dallas, Pam and her sister Laurie … stay tuned for more about these two when we get to Texas.

Overall, Nashville was a wonderful and much needed place of restoration for both of us.

BIG THANKS to one of our most generous friends, Kim Powell, for serving up just what these two weary souls needed!

Stay tuned to next week’s blog as we continue to catch you up on our journey and introduce you to the places we have visited and people we have met along the way!

For those keeping up with our journey we have made a few changes in our route. Right now we are in Mobile for an event this weekend, and will head to the great country of Texas for a while.


Jules + Stace 💚

Here's our updated route - if you live in any of these places, or have people we should meet - let us know! 

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