Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

We have all heard songs like “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers), “Happy Trails to You” (Roy Rogers), “If You Leave Me Now” (Chicago), “I Will Remember You” (Sara McLachlan), and “Bye Bye Bye” (NSYNC)… just to name a few from our Spotify playlist titled “Goodbyes May Suck, but These Songs are So Good”.

I mean, there are sad goodbye songs, happy goodbye songs, and even funny goodbye songs like “These Boots are Made For Walkin’” (Nancy Sinatra). 

There are goodbye songs for graduation, retirement, summer camp, funerals, and even divorce - like the song by Tammy Wynette, called, well, you probably guessed it, “D.I.V.O.R.C.E”.

There are goodbye songs for friends, families, or jilted lovers…you know the ones like for when your “first and only true love” in 8th grade breaks up with you. Remember when you locked yourself in the bathroom, tuned your FM radio to Delilah or - back in our days it was WBBQ - (in your best DJ voice) “we are here to rock you all night long taking your request that soothes your soul or mends the broken heart. Wherever you are - in the car or locked in your bathroom - we are here and ready to make you cry more”. 

Picture it with us… you call in from your curly 100 ft. corded telephone that is stretched from the kitchen down the hall into the bathroom with you so you can request the saddest goodbye song in hopes your lost love will hear it and will reverse your 14 y/o broken heart. 

No thank you’s needed for that amazing trip down memory lane. ;)

All that being said, the time has come for us to write our own “goodbye song” to our beloved Olive (and Pearline).

They both have been SOLD!! 

Our goodbye song would probably go a little something like this…

Oh Olive girl, she's been good to us.
She was more than just wheels, more than a bus.
For two whole years, she was our home sweet home,
Over the open road, we would freely roam.
From the mountains of Colorado to the Florida Keys,
Olive carried our dreams with the greatest of ease.
We laughed and we cried, shared stories untold,
In our cozy Olive, we found hearts made of gold.
Oh, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve met,
Olive was our haven, a ride we’ll never forget.
Though it’s hard to move on, to a new chapter we’ll stride,
With Olive in our hearts, we’ll keep her spirit alive.
The road may be winding, and the future unclear,
But the love we discovered, it’ll always be here.
So, we’ll park Olive one last time, with a tear in our eye,
But the adventures we shared, they’ll never say goodbye.
Now it’s time to say goodbye, to our trusty old friend,
But the memories we made, they’ll never end.
Yes, we’ll cherish the moments, the laughter, and the strife,
As we bid farewell to Olive, and our dear RV life.

OK…maybe it is not a TOP 10 song on Casey Kasem's American Top 40 (although we do think it might have some potential for the next big country hit), but Olive will always be #1 on our charts.

As sad as we are to let our big girl go, we are super excited about who is getting her. 

We know she will be loved as much as we loved her. 

The new owner is even keeping her name - she will forever be OLIVE!! 

Oh, and he's also keeping on the wrap to continue the OME Gear roadshow across the US… how cool is that?!!

So join us as we raise a glass to Alan, Olive, and Pearline…

It's been one helluva ride.

Alan, may your open road be safe and your journey be full of beautiful new adventures with Olive and Pearline. 

May Olive give you cozy shelter, a home away from home. May she open her doors for new friends and life long memories. 

And remember, if "Olive is rockin'" in the RV world, that means you may quite literally just be trying to change the sheets. 😂 🤣

Olive and Pearline

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  • Martha Tumblin

    Definitely a “hit song”!!!
    This is just so fitting for sweet Olive & Pearline!
    So happy for all!

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