Our Girl, Olive, Got A New Look

Our Girl, Olive, Got A New Look

Life on the road is amazing in many ways - not gonna lie. 

The sandy white beaches of Florida one week; Austin, TX the next.

With SoCal on the near horizon for the fall/winter.  

And never having to pack because we always bring everything with us. 

But, in all reality, like anything, living in a metal box on wheels also has its massive challenges. 

One of the biggest is that Olive (our RV) hasn’t felt like home. 

Maybe for some of you, that would be ok, but, for us, it's wreaked a little havoc on our psyche. 

Call in the 🍷 therapy reinforcements!

This caused us to start thinking - maybe what we need is to make Olive “ours”. 

Are we the only ones, or do we all love a good makeover show?!

There are so many options on the boob tube (so weird - why is it called this?) these days - "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “Love it or List It”, “What Not To Wear”, “Biggest Loser”. 

But, our favorite, hands down, is “Queer Eye”. 

This is a show where 5 highly relational guys go in and “makeover” someone from the inside to the outside, from head to toe, from heart to soul, from kitchen to bath. 

Truth be told, we cry at every show. 

Sometimes the ugly cries (you know the ones). 

The transformations we have watched happen in less than 1 hour is just good food to feed the soul. 

It is like watching an old tarnished vase come back to life after a little grandma spit polishing, being filled with clean water, and adorned with beautiful fresh cut flowers. 

Again, truth be told, after living on Olive for 3 months, sharing the same few clothes out of the one small closet, not having our hair done, and watching our RV bods try to develop...it may be time for our own makeover. 

Can someone sign us up for Queer Eye? 

For now we will wait on us, but we are excited to announce that our girl, Olive, got a whole new interior look!! 

We painted the entire inside, we hung wallpaper, we took down valances and hung curtains, we replaced the couch (to a new one that opens into a sleeper... so we can have guests - wink wink!), we replaced the booth/table with a bar/bar stools, and we changed out the backsplash.

Our "fifty shades of grey" Olive, now has color and life! 🙌 

We no longer are living in a cookie cutter mobile home on wheels...she is finally our mobile-HOME!! 

Y’ALL, with a little investment of money and time, she’s now a looker! (See below for before and after photos) 

And, the good news, is we were able to donate some of the furniture!

We definitely could not have done this without our dear framily Carly, Brandon, and Carly’s dad aka “Poppy”  in Hearne, TX on a farm called LPOT (Little Piece Of Texas). 

It’s amazing how a little bit of nesting can make a world of difference.

Until next week,

Jules + Stace 💚

p.s. This platform doesn’t allow us to respond to your comments, but we promise we get excited to hear from you and we read every one! :)


  • Jill Porter

    This looks so much better… so much more like “home” so hope it feels so much better.

    I had been missing your more personal IG posts and hadn’t had the blog posts so now doing a blitz read. I hope visit of Covid has well and truly gone.

    Take care and continue to have fun.

  • Maureen Griffin

    You women never cease to amaze me. Looks wonderful!

  • Mama P!

    The transformation is awesome!!! Knew it would be!

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