One Night Stay

One Night Stay

If asked, we would say that we consider ourselves on the higher side of the spectrum of being proper ladies.

I mean, we could hold our own if we were having High Tea with the Queen of England. 

"Pass the crumpets, please...Cheerio!!" 

We would never think about burping in public.

Unless of course, if we were in China, or Taiwan, where burping and slurping are forms of compliments to the host.

Then, well, we would burp and slurp loud and proud

We try to dress for our age and body type.

Just because it says "one size fits all" we all know that is not always the case.

Unless we are hitting up Wally World - then it’s a free for all to let the biscuits pop, muffins topple over, and plumber’s crack shine.

Since starting this trip we noticed our lady-like spectrum has experienced a slight decrease.

And we are only a little over a week in. 

We now find ourselves talking like sailors - “give a wide berth” (watch out for our wide ass), ”bottoms up” (been a long day and need a drink), “scuddlebutts” (damn!!), etc.

(keeping it PG-13 just in case our momma’s are reading this.)

We are now drinking whiskey right out of the bottle. 

Who has time after a long day of driving to take the time needed to pour a nice bourbon on a beautiful water-filtered ball of ice into an etched crystal highball??

And who needs to buy the special rosé when you can mix red and white wine together to create a beautiful rosey blend. 

Oh, and if we are feeling real fancy we add a little canned seltzer and create a “blushing cham-pag-nay”. 

And that shirt? Oh, we can definitely get one more day's wear out of it.

Now that you have an idea of what RV life can do for your “lady-like” score we can get to the point of this week’s blog. 

Not only are we talking (aka cursing) like sailors, drinking whiskey from the bottle, becoming winemakers, and maximizing the wash on our clothes.

We are also becoming masters of the “one night stay”.

We - the ones who never kiss and tell - are now finding ourselves ISO a “one night stay”. 

We’re sounding a little like people you’d see on Craig’s List, or Tinder. 

You see, driving an RV, as a newbie, takes time to build up stamina.

Like a lot of things in life... right guys

Right now we are only able to travel about 4-5 hours a day max before having to stop and rest for the night which requires a litany of “one night stays”. 

We were super lucky on our first leg to be able to stay with dear friends, both coming and going. 

They gave Olive a place to rest and a big boost of power, and gave us a nice hot shower, big comfy bed, two hot meals, and above all... their time, conversation, and tons of laughs! 


And we’re looking forward to all of our “one night stays” being as pleasant as this one. 

So if you see us rolling through your town and have a spot for us and Olive, we would love to add you to our “one night stay” black book. 😉

We'll even bring the bourbon - if you've got the filtered ice ball!

2 MWFs traveling in a Big Olive with an extra wide berth ISO a “one night stay.


Stace + Jules

As a reminder - if you comment, we can’t reply on this platform, but we LOVE reading your words and feeling your love!  💙

WHERE WE ARE: We're currently in Miami Beach, FL for the SOBEWFF (South Beach Wine and Food Festival) through Monday, then we head to Tampa to meet up with our dear friend, Ronnie Green, and film a segment for his fishing show, A Fishing Story!

...Life is beautiful. 


  • Jacki Mariest

    Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime ladies!!! Enjoy yourselves. Sending you much love from the south.❤️

  • Thomas V. Kay

    116 w. Silver st. Hailey ID.83333 Unless it gets sold out from under me, ya’ll are welcome.. Got space for Olive and everything….Lots of RARE Bourbon. I.E.= magic brown water for FUN people. LOL, GOOD LUCK Ladies!!! HERE’S HOPING!!

  • James B Temple

    Build up stamina…….4 to 5 hours?
    You aren’t asking for much??

  • Cara Jensen

    Isn’t TV life fun and eye opening. 🤣🤣🤣

  • DeAna Earl

    I don’t know how accommodating our humble abode and surrounding area would be for you lovely ladies, but I hope you know you both have an automatic place to stay at our house should you ever need or want it! ❤️

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