On The Road Again...

On The Road Again...

First of all, a huge thanks to each of you who reached out to us to check on us after our blog post last week. 

Our community is amazing. 

Bar none.  

We’re certain that we are the luckiest girls in the world.  

For this week’s blog post, it’s time to give another update of our travel plans. 

The map above is our actual route. 

After 3 weeks at a beautiful waterfront location in DeFuniak (deFunk) Springs, FL, we’ll be packing it up on Friday and we’ll be on the move again.

Next stop, Bishop, GA for meetings in Atlanta and Athens. 

Then onto these places...

If you are in, or close to, any of these places, we’d love to see you!  

Or, if you have people who you think we should connect with for OME Gear, please let us know!!  

We’re always looking for stores who might want to carry The Wanderr, or companies who might want to use The Wanderr for employee or customer incentive gifts! :)

One of the things we’re loving is all the new people we are reconnecting with and meeting.

Until next week,

J+S  💚

As a reminder, if you comment, we can’t reply on this platform, but we LOVE reading your words and feeling your love!


  • Ron Jones

    Sorry we missed you on 30A. The only email i had was yours at home. You didn’t respond. Your blurb suggested you could not.
    Anyway…..HAPPY TRAILS.

    PS. The lake area outside DeFuniak is beautiful ….and restful.

  • Loretta Rayfield

    If you get a chance in Chattanooga there is a restaurant called City Cafe, they have the best desserts anywhere……. also you gonna be in my neck of the woods ya’ll better call, I will cry and be upset if you don’t.

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