If The RV's a-Rockin'...

If The RV's a-Rockin'...

Almost everyone has heard (and maybe even said) the old saying, “If the RV’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!!"

In the RV world there are probably so many other events happening other than, well, what you may be thinking.

Here are a few things we’ve learned can create the rockin’...

Walking. We may only be walking from one end to the other, but the very long 32’ walk from front to back can cause a seemingly seismic activity.

Doing Laundry. We have a super small but mighty washer/dryer combo unit

(meaning, both wash and dry functions happen in the same appliance). If you forget you have laundry going it can be quite startling when Olive starts shaking like a polaroid picture, or one of those coin-operated vibrating beds in a cheap Myrtle Beach motel. “Motel” reminds me (Stace) of a joke our friend Bertie used to tell in college…Do you know the difference between a motel and a hotel? Shirley and Jen-nay, both wearing short skirts, were walking down the road one day. Shirley dropped her phone and bent over exposing her buttocks. Jen-nay just laughed and said, “Girl, you just showed mo-tel than you know.” Shirley just laughed and said, “Watch this!” She bent further over and showed her ho-tel!!  😂 😂

Taking a Shower. Although Olive has a separate shower from the toilet and vanity, it's still quite small. So here's a visual for you… you're taking a nice warm shower, you're all lathered up, and then the dreaded happens…you drop the soap! We have to admit every time this happens - and it happens a lot - we always think to ourselves, “I am so glad I am not in prison”. (sorry, we digress…now back to the visual) Then, you quickly bend over at the waist without bending your knees making your backside ram hard into the wall behind you causing you jump up like you were goosed by a cold dog’s nose. Rockin’ Olive.

Exercising. We take very seriously avoiding the stereotypical “RV body”! You know exactly what we are talking about…flat bottoms from all the sitting and dun-lap bellies for holding a

plate and beer. So we must keep movin’ and sweatin’! Wait, who are we kidding, sweating is not hard to do on and around an RV which is why we have to shower…A LOT…drop, bend, hit, REPEAT!

Killing Bugs. We essentially spend our days in an oversized bread box on wheels and stay in slightly wooded areas, so bugs can (and do) easily find their way in…especially flies! Most people have 1 fly swatter for a 3000 sq/ft home but we have 2 swatters for less than 300 sq/ft. You will always know if we are swatting flies because once we relieve the fly from its fly duties (niiight niight, mr. fly), we always do a celebration cheer as though we are watching University of South Carolina actually score a touchdown.

And finally, the last reason why if the Olive is Rockin’ you are probably fine to come a Knockin’…

We are making the bed!! Holy RV Earthquake! Imagine making a queen size (6 ½’ x 5’) 16" thick mattress in 7’x7’ broom closet with the head of the bed surrounded by walls on 3 sides, with 6" on each side to fit your RV bod in to put on the fitted sheet…this is another reason we have to workout to avoid the RV bod. We think RV bed making should be an Olympic sport…heck, sweeping ice is a sport, so there is a chance!!

There you have it. Lots of reasons for a shakin’ RV. So, before any of us make the “fun” assumption of what's happening in there, it might just be someone killing a fly or making a bed.

One of our tag lines seems very appropriate to sign off with this week...

Let's go Do It In Nature,

xoxo Jules + Stace 💙

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