Hey World, Meet Olive!

Hey World, Meet Olive!

Have you ever said, “Gosh, why does this have to be so hard?”

Yeah us too. 

Most recently, those words have been said over and over when waiting for our RV. 

We were supposed to get our RV March 8th.

We made all our plans based on this date. 

Since we sold our home March 1st, we had to find an AirBnB to rent for a month, giving us time to wrap the RV, take driving lessons, and get her all packed. 

But, she didn’t come. 

The date was pushed back. 

No RV.

It was pushed back again… to April 2nd.

April 2nd came and went.

Still no RV.

Finally, we got to the bottom of it.

They couldn’t find our RV. 

Wait, what?!? 

How does one lose a 32 ft. home on wheels??

Long story short, she finally arrived… 4 weeks late. 

We missed the opportunity to introduce her at our Going Away party. 

We’re having to pay an $800 rush fee to have her wrap done in a short timeframe. 

We had to extend our AirBnB.


So many expenses we didn’t expect. 

BUT… we finally met “Olive” today. 

Our home on wheels for the next year+.

And, she’s a beaut. 

She’s named Olive because Stace’s sweet Nanny Olive lived in and drove a 40+ ft. Allegra RV Bus all across the country. 

She even drove to Alaska twice. 

And Nanny Olive was a special, special lady. 

So, it’s only fitting that Olive go with us. 

Sometimes the best things are worth the wait. 

Pictures to come soon of our Olive all fancied up in her OME Gear wrap. 


Jules + Stace 💚


p.s. If you make a comment, know we read every one of them. 💙 This platform, unfortunately, doesn't allow us to comment back. 


  • Katherine Frankstone

    Looking good!!!! Can’t wait to visit in person!

  • Martha Tumblin

    LOVE Olive!!!!!!
    My spirit is tagging along with you & your adventures!

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