Big, Huge Grateful Hearts of Thanks! 🙏

Big, Huge Grateful Hearts of Thanks! 🙏

Building OME Gear this year has been one of significant growth for us. 

But, as you probably very well know, growth is typically never easy. 

For plants, it requires pushing through the soil. For baby chicks it requires cracking the outer shell. And for humans, it often requires persevering through tough times. 

Such has been the case for us here at OME as we build this household brand, but the great news is… we’re seeing the light of day!!

As founders, Stace and I have been surrounded by a host of incredible people:

Our team. This amazing group of people has stood by us, believed in us, and supported us through it all. We are small, but whew, we are mighty!!

Our family. You know you’re blessed when your family members are some of your biggest cheerleaders. They have had our backs (in so many ways) more times that we could ever count. 

Our friends. We’re luckier than two people ever deserve with the friend group we have who supports us with their encouragement, their money (by buying Wanderrs), and their constant love. 

And, if you’re reading this… YOU! OME Gear would be nothing without our customers and people who are following along on this journey. 

With hearts full of thanksgiving, a true THANK YOU 🧡 to every person who we have had the privilege of crossing paths with.  

May this week and this upcoming year be full of laughter, hugs, and making memories with your friends and family. And, be sure to eat that piece of pie!! 

Life is way too short to not be lived with a grateful heart! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jules, Stace and the OME Gear team 💚

p.s. We'd love to hear from you - if you leave a comment, the platform doesn't allow us to respond, but we read every one!! 

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