Doggone It!

Doggone It!

Many have asked if we will be taking our pups on the road with us. 

The short, sad answer is “no”. 

This hard decision was made through many tears. 

We are actually crying as we are writing this. 

If you have a fur baby you love, you understand these emotions.

Now before you unfollow us or judge us, :) please allow us to explain... 

As much as this trip will be an adventure, it will be work for us. 

Many days we will be at trade shows or events for 12+ hours. 

There will be other times where we will have to jump in our car and drive 3 hours to meet with a potential buyer. 

Yes, there will be plenty of time we are working from the RV too but for the most part we will be out and about meeting with buyers, talking to customers, shaking hands (or fist bumping), etc. 

The whole purpose of our adventure trip is to build OME Gear and our dream. 

We know you may still be wondering... “but what about your pups, your fur babies, your 4-legged children?” 

We promise we’ve taken their every need into consideration and have gone to great lengths to make sure they will be getting the best care while we are gone. 

We are not giving them up, we will be back and they will always be our babies. 

If you haven't had the privilege of meeting them, we’d love to introduce you. 



Lucy aka “Luc-wi-da-fur” (whole club was looking at her, her) has been with Stace for 12+ years. 

She was found on the side of the road in Holly Hill, SC. 

She is a white pit mix with one blue and one brown eye. 

When she was found they guessed she was around 2 but boy was she a mess. 

She had had a false pregnancy, was malnourished and had no hair...poor girl was beat up and worn down! 

She was super timid but craved love. 

Lucy has always been a big sleeper and most days you can find her in her bed all day, unless the sun is shining, then, well, she’s out working on her tan!! She defines “sun worshipper”.


Lucy has an old soul and for many years, she would go work everyday to be with the aging population…she loved her “young at heart” folks, and they loved her. 

Lucy is now 14+ and moving a bit slower these days. 

She is the easiest pup ever to take care of, so much so, that we have friends and family asking us when we are going out of town so they can stay with her. 

Stace’s aunt even plans her trips around flying down from Philly regularly to take care of Lucy, spoiling her with bone broth, and lavender rub downs. 

During the time we are gone, she will be staying with Auntie Christy and her furbaby Daisy, a golden retriever, who is Luce's best friend.

She will stay in Charleston, SC, and that sweet girl will be loved on more than even probably we could love her on the road. 

She will be visited by her NayNay and Great-Aunt often. 

Trust us, leaving that cuddle bug behind is not an easy decision, but, for her (and us), it’s the best decision. 



Samuel Mitchel Hines Weldon Pierce, aka "Sam, Sammie, Sammers, Sams, Sir Licks a Lot", was an unexpected addition to our family. 

He was caught pool hopping in Aiken, SC by one of Stace’s best friends, Christy. 

Of course when she posted pictures of him, we immediately fell in love.

So in October 2020 we went and scooped him up so he would no longer have to live on the streets, scrounge for food, or pool hop on hot summer days in the South. 

We want to stop here and say…we had no idea we were going to take our company on the road in October. 

The decision was not made until December. 

When we brought Sammie home we noticed almost immediately that he was going to be a challenge. 


He was filled with anxiety, had a need to run, and was used to living on his own… and boy oh boy, stubborn as they come. 

We do believe, however, he was someone’s pup at some point. 

He was house-trained, and knew how to sit and shake. 

He is a huge love bug and will give you all the kisses you can stand. 

But Sammie needs (craves) routine. 

Every morning, he carries his bed out into the living room, and every night he takes it back to the bedroom (cutest thing ever!)… a definite creature of habit.

Every morning, he wakes Jules up first, and then 15 mins later will wake Stace up…crazy, but true! 

Some of his other habits have been a challenge to break, like his desire to houdini out and run away. 

He is fast…like gazelle fast. 

He is also quietly sneaky so when you mix that with fast, he is long gone before we even know it.

We've gotten our exercise by chasing his butt down the street more than we'd like to admit. 

He also does not do well being left alone…even in the backyard. So we can’t imagine what he'd be like left alone in an RV, even for a short time. 

This crazy boy was a loner for so long, but now has to have his sites on us at all times. 

He can’t be left in a car alone…he literally works himself up into a frenzy. Even on Prozac and CBD…he is an absolute mess. 

All this to say, Sammie will be going to camp, aka boarding school, in Park City, Utah. 


He will be going out there to visit his Aunt Christie (Jules’ sister) and live with her and her fur baby, Stogie, at a dog ranch called Fetch

He will learn to be around other pups (big, small, male and female) which is another big challenge for him. 

But, really, how cool is it that Sammie has this amazing opportunity to go live on a 50+ acre ranch in beautiful Park City?! 

He will be working with trainers everyday to help him work through his challenges while being able to run, baby, run! 

We love both of our sweet pups very much (they are our ornery, but very lovable children) and as much as we want to take them with us we just don’t feel it would be the best decision for them and their needs. 

Given Lucy’s age and Sammie’s immediate challenges, we feel we’ll be giving them the best care by realizing their care is better elsewhere while we are working on the road. 

But, they will be overwhelmed with love, pets, and kisses from us until we hit the dusty trail!!

As a side note… after re-reading this we noticed our 3 “Angels” in this blog are named Christy or Christie…must be a God thing…and what is God spelled backwards? DOG!)  Coincidence??  We think not. ❤️

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  • Martha Tumblin

    So excited for ya’ll & look forward to hearing all about your travel & business adventures as they develop!
    Love your vision, ambition, creativity, & spirit…… love ya’ll! ☀️♥️☀️♥️☀️

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