Charleston On Our Minds…

Charleston On Our Minds…

As we’re out on the road with OME Gear, the question inevitably comes up, “Where are you from?”. 

With great pride, we quickly stumble over each other answering with a broad smile, “Charleston, SC”. 

Then, without fail, the return response is either “Ohhhhh, I LOVE Charleston!” or “Oh man, I’ve always wanted to go there!” 

Maybe you share a similar belief that to have stepped foot in Charleston is to love Charleston. Legend has it that once you dip your toes in the water, you will eventually return.

There’s just something magical about that little piece of the world.

Green grassy marshes swaying in the wind.

The earthy smell of pluff mud.

Cargo ships resolutely pressing onward into the Harbor, anxious to unload their goods.

The majestic “mountain”, affectionately known as the Ravenel Bridge.

Dolphins slapping their tails as they excitedly catch the chum off of the shrimp boats.

The sun setting slowly behind the glistening water.

This is the Charleston we know and love. 

And miss.

So, when we recently had a few different sets of people ask us to tell them the best things to do in Charleston, we happily put together a list: 1) for them, but also 2) to bask for a few minutes in some of the things we love about Charleston.

And, as a note - Charleston is very much a foodie town, but we choose (mostly) not to include food/drink places in this list. That's for another day! This is a "things to do" in Charleston list. 😃


  • Beach day - Sullivan’s Island (a residential, classy beach feel that is home to a lot of kite surfers; this is our favorite beach), Isle of Palms (IOP) (calm, family-friendly, with typically flat waves), Folly Beach (known for its mix of college students, surfers, and mellowed-out locals - the vibe is definitely a cool, quintessential beach town).
  • Saunter through the Charleston City Market for shopping and people watching.
  • Sunset on Pitt Street - pack wine and cheese - one of the most romantic places to watch a Charleston sunset.
  • Angel Oak Tree - approx. 500 years old, this tree is something to behold.
  • Cross the Harbor on the Charleston Water Taxi (if you have bikes, you can take them on the water taxi, then ride around downtown).
  • Pack a picnic and visit the Battery on the water - see antebellum homes, palm trees, cobblestone streets, and cannons, while enjoying incredible views of Fort Sumter, Castle Pinckney, and the Sullivan Island Lighthouse.
  • Charleston Farmers Market - sample some of the tastes of Charleston and see local artisan’s crafts. Open early April thru late November.
  • Brewery tour - some of our favorites are Tradesman, Frothy Beard, Holy City Brewing, and Revelry.
  • Walk the 2,200 ft. of boardwalk through the marshland of Shem Creek. You can stop and have a cocktail, eat some food, see some dolphins, watch the shrimpers, kayakers and paddle boarders, and experience one of the most peaceful places in all of Charleston. 


  • Do a walking tour with Walk and Talk Charleston - while being packed full of history, this tour gives you some of the scandalous bits as well. 🤫  
  • Rent kayaks/paddleboards on Shem Creek - we pack a big 32 oz. cup of our favorite bevs, (think: margaritas) and keep our fingers crossed that we’ll paddle right alongside of some dolphins (be sure to check the tides - can make the paddle much more enjoyable).
  • Go parasailing, jet skiing, or do a boat charter including wakeboarding/ tubing/water skiing/kneeboarding with the great team over at Tidalwave WaterSports.
  • Walk the Ravenel Bridge - 2.5 miles each way.
  • Shrimping - go to Shem Creek and ask one of the shrimpers if you can join them (but be warned: they leave at 4am and stay out for the day - 100% worth it).
  • Middleton Place - this is a National Historic Landmark, home to the oldest landscaped gardens in America right on the Ashley River. You can rent bikes/kayaks, go horseback riding, experience the petting zoo, and get a bite to eat in their restaurant… A great day!
  • Bee City Zoo - this farm is so much fun! It’s approx. a 45 minute drive outside of Charleston, but well worth the drive! It's a hometown zoo with lots of exotic animals waiting for you to hand feed them! 

Night on the town

  • 34 West Theater Company - hands down our favorite night out in all of Charleston, owned by some of our favorite guys! We first go to dinner (Stella’s, FIG, Hall’s, or Frannie and the Fox), then take a rickshaw to the theater, experience laughter til our faces hurt, then walk across the street to our most favorite cocktail bar, Doar Bros. A perfect evening!
  • Picnic on the beach - pack your Wanderr full of your favorite picnic gear and yummies and head out to the beach at sunset. Once you get there, spread out your blanket and, in cot mode, you can use you Wanderr as your table. A wonderful evening experiencing the beauty of nature with people you love!
  • The Alley - bowling to your heart’s content.
  • Park Circle - just 15 minutes north of Charleston proper, Park Circle is a walkable community with a cool neighborhood vibe. It is full of (delish!) locally owned restaurants with sidewalk dining, wine shops, a brewery, a cidery, a beer bar, an authentic Irish pub, ax throwing and lots of live music.

So, there you have it, some of our favorite Charleston activities!

We love to travel. But what we love most about traveling is being able to feel like we’re experiencing spots that typical tourists may not have even heard about. The moments we get to be “in the know” make us feel like kids in a candy shop, brimming with excitement. Maybe you can relate.

Whether you are flying in from out of town, or you are a Charleston resident who is planning to stay-cation for the weekend, there is nothing like experiencing the beauty and magic of this charming city. The only thing you’ll regret at the end of your time spent here is when it’s over. 

As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” click. click.

Til next week,


Jules + Stace 💚

p.s. As a reminder, if you comment, we can’t reply on this platform, but we LOVE feeling connected to you as we read your words!  💙

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  • Beck And Chad

    We agree with all of the above as we have enjoyed lots of these activities with you both:) miss and love you both!

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