Big Mistake! BIG, HUGE!!

Big Mistake! BIG, HUGE!!

Remember that epic moment in Pretty Woman when Vivian (Julia Roberts) walked back into the snobby boutique in Beverly Hills and held up the bags and exclaimed, “Big Mistake! Big, Huge!” 

We would like to say we had that same experience, but our “big mistake” had nothing to do with someone buying us nice clothes. 

Our “big mistake” was all on us.  

It’d be nice to think this will be our last “huge mistake” while we are on the road but the truth is, we will likely have plenty more. 

And the bigger challenge is how we’ll handle the “big and huge mistakes”, both as individuals and together. 

You may be saying “What could be so bad?! No one got hurt, right?”  

If this is what you are thinking, you are right. 

Thankfully, we are fine.

Well, everything but our pride and our wallet!! 

Here’s the story...

Do you know what a Blue Ox is? 

If you don’t you can look it up, but to save you time it’s a really heavy tow bar doohickey that attaches to the front of your truck - or in our case our Jeep - and hooks into the receiver on the RV. 

So, long story short, we were exhausted, we got lazy, and decided not to take it off the Jeep once we unhooked from Olive, our RV. 

We didn’t have bungees, so we pulled out the only things we had on hand… some zip ties. 

Adding a few extra ties (just to be safe), we were ready to head home. 

We can already see the men, and even some of you more mechanically inclined women, shaking your heads and pointing out the obvious.

Believe us, we’ve already beat you to the punch on smacking our heads at our ignorance! 

Everything was going fine until we hit that one freakin’ bump and HOLY CHITTY-BANG-BANG!! 

The zip ties popped and the Blue Ox slammed down onto the road.


It folded under our Jeep and lifted our front end up off the ground. 

All while we were going at least 35 MPH. 

Which doesn’t seem fast unless you’re in an emergency situation. 

Then it’s, well, absolutely terrifying.

After coming to a screeching stop and saying a few choice words, our hearts slowly stopped racing. 

Blue Ox tow bar

Assessing the damages, we saw that the $450 Blue Ox that was entirely curled under our Jeep was a complete loss! 

A BIG, HUGE mistake! 

Thankfully, we were not hurt and our Jeep came out unscathed. 

Truth is, we both knew down deep that our quick fix was not the right solution, but we were tired so we went ahead and ignored our gut. 

Even though it’s an unfortunate, expensive mistake, we know we have to let it go and move on. 

It’s just the beginning of the adventures we’ll experience out on the road in this 32 ft. home on wheels. 

If we let one mistake stop our momentum we will be back at the starting line and we are too far into the race to stop now!! 

Moral of this story - trust your gut... even, and maybe especially, when you’re tired!!


  • Jennifer P

    Give it ten or twenty years, more or less, and on some starry night while reclining in your OME Wanderr’s next to a roaring fire, you will be reliving memories and laughing about this one.

  • Terri & Joel

    Sorry about y’all’s big, huge mistake. Glad y’all are alright. One day whe were sitting around we’ll share a few of our crazy huge mistakes too!!🤪

  • Anne Evans

    Ladies, glad you are safe and sound and have that great attitude. That Blue Ox is a wonderful system until you leave the car brake on or have to circle the truck stop 15 times trying to get the arms to lock in for safe towing. Every day is a learning experience. Miss you guys!

  • Charles Firbank

    We all make Big Mistakes, Big Huge Mistakes so keep smiling and show the world what you have to offer.
    Good luck! and dare I say it, it wasn’t such a big huge mistake – more bad luck.

  • Sherry

    I’m so sorry 🙁. But knowing you two Wonder Women I’m certain that you already have another Blue Ox, have lamented the situation, laughed about it & moved on down the road on your amazing mission and adventure. 😘

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