A Team Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Team Is Worth A Thousand Words

One of the most powerful forces in a company is the team of people that has been assembled to get the job done. 

Much like a rowing team or a football team.

The team’s ability to move as a unified force makes all the difference in the success (or not) of the company. 

At OME Gear, we have a team that is literally second to none.







People people.


We've got a small by mighty team that has proven that they are “all in”. 

Building a foundation is not sexy work.

It requires planning, thinking, measuring. Because if you don’t do this part right, the rest of the house will be off and unstable. 

We’ve been hard at work building the foundation of our company.

...Designing The Wanderr to be ready for production.

...Raising the capital needed to scale quickly.

...Building our marketing strategy to reach our target audience.

...Developing our customer experience plan to make sure every single one of our customers know they matter to us. 

And, our leadership team has been right in the trenches with us.

The majority of the time without pay.

Now this is saying something about who they are. 

We’d love to take a minute and introduce them to you…

Clay Weldon - Jules’ beloved brother. Clay is our Chief Creative Officer who has been a part of this endeavor since Mom and Dad Weldon came up with an initial 2-in-1 concept of a transforming product back in 1998. Clay is wildly talented in all things creative. He’s done all of our branding and he’s made OME Gear look dang good. Clay is a mountain man at heart, but he currently resides in Charleston, SC. He’s got 4 kids - all as beautiful and different as the sunrises, and a stunning girlfriend, Cristy, who is the ying to his yang. Clay is a true adventure seeker. Just ask him to ride his unicycle, all while playing his accordion and juggling. He’s an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, surfer, and CrossFitter. 

Bob Evans - Bob is the one who increases the resume caliber of our team tenfold. As a former President of Travelers Insurance and President and CEO of Liberty Life Insurance Company, Bob’s got large corporate experience as well as experience running his own companies. With that experience, Bob is our financial and overall strategic advisor. He is the one we go to for sound advice. He level sets us and balances out our sometimes over the top :) passion. Bob is a voice of reason, but don’t let that fool you. He is incredibly fun to laugh with and share cocktails with. Besides his wife, Marie, and his kids, Bob’s grandkids are the light of his life.

Jaclyn Lynch - you know how all teams have that one team member that is “the glue”? Well, Jaclyn is 100% our glue here at OME. Her official title is our Chief Experience Officer, but in reality, she is a utility player who never backs down from a challenge. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and a sharer of face products that keep us (kindof) looking young. Jaclyn is married to a well-dressed man and has two of the most precious little guys keeping her on her toes. We count on Jaclyn to have answers for us not only with OME Gear, but also with what are the latest fashion trends. 

Casey Sellers - Casey is the newest addition to our team, but he has come right in to OME and become family. Casey hails from YETI. He worked with them for 9 years as one of their top sales guys, and brings all his expertise to bear as our Chief Sales Officer. He’s a Louisiana boy and claims (we've yet to try it) he makes the best gumbo and boudin with whatever kind of meat is your fancy - seafood, guinea, duck, rabbit, squirrel, or goose - you know, all those normal everyday meats. Casey currently lives in Austin with his lovely wife, Emily, and their two, full of energy, precious little ones. If you’re ever in Austin and see 10 freshly killed deer in the back of a large pick up truck, honk… it just might be Casey. 

As we said, we’d bet it all on black on this crew.

Lucky us to be connected to such smart, kind, fun, self-starting humans. 

In the not too distant future, OME Gear will be a recognized household name because this group of impactful individuals came together in such a time as this to make a difference in this world. 

And we are grateful. 


Jules & Stace

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