A HUGE Announcement!

A HUGE Announcement!

If you thought traveling around the country in an RV for 18 months wasn’t enough excitement for us at OME Gear, you were right!

Your favorite outdoor-savvy duo (we are your fav’s, right?!? 🤞) is taking to the big stage live from Newark Symphony Hall in New Jersey THIS THURSDAY, Oct. 28th at 9pm ET to pitch our flagship product, The 5-in-1 Wanderr to millions of viewers in the all-new TV show, America’s Big Deal!

Produced by world-renowned inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano and hosted by Scott Evans, America’s Big Deal is a first-of-its-kind, live shoppable competition series that hosts entrepreneurs like us from across the country to sell our products on-air to home viewers in real time.

It’s like the perfect shaken cocktail of Shark Tank + The Voice + QVC. 

Each week, 4-5 entrepreneurs bravely take the stage to give a bold and innovative 3 minute product pitch to millions of at-home viewers, during which viewers are given the chance to vote with their wallet by purchasing their favorite product.

The entrepreneur or (in our case) duo with the highest dollar sales at the end of the night first, to the $30k goal, will win the chance to strike a life-changing deal with one of the show’s retail giants - Lowe's, Macy's, or HSN/QVC, forever changing the trajectory of their business.

As you might imagine, this is one of those chance in a lifetime opportunities for us. 

We applied for the casting call and crossed our fingers, hoping for the best. A short time later, we were given a “no”. They said, “we love your product but it’s a higher price point than other products on the show so it’s a 'no'". But there was something in us that said, tell them why you think you deserve a spot. So we said heck, what do we have to lose? and wrote them back outlining what makes us different. Two weeks later, we got the life-changing email. “Congratulations!...”

Persistence pays off. 

Needless to say, we were elated to discover that OME Gear had been selected to be a contestant on the show! (AHHH!) This was the extra steam we needed in our engines to keep us moving and pushing onward and upward.

So, here's the deal.

We need your help!

We are allowed to sell up to $15k (of our $30k goal) in product prior to this coming Thursday. That's only 43 Wanderrs at the Big Deal special!

Then, we can sell the remaining $15k (another 43 Wanderrs) live during the show. 

The Wanderr is a perfect Christmas/birthday gift for that special someone who has every thing.

Will you help us by buying one, or by sharing the link to people who you think might be interested?? 🙏. We'd be forever grateful!

So how are we feeling as our TV debut date quickly approaches?

Nervous. Excited. Jittery. Anxious. Eager. Expectant. Butterflies. ALL THE EMOTIONS. All of our blood, sweat, and tears that we’ve poured into this passion project are about to be displayed on a national stage for the first time.

Scary as it may seem, we firmly believe in The Wanderr and are so excited for everyone to be introduced to it.

If we can lighten the load for just one person and truly revolutionize the way they explore the great outdoors, it will be worth it.

We are so eager to grow our OME family, and build new relationships with travel bugs who love to get out, explore, and have fun as much as we do!

Don’t forget to tune into Episode 3 of America’s Big Deal on USA Network this Thursday, October 28th at 9/8c to see us compete live and cheer us on!

If we could personally wave to each one of you from the set, we would! Thank you for being there and supporting us on this wild journey - comment below and tell us if you’re planning to watch!


Stace + Jules 💚


  • Dee Rodgers

    So happy for you

  • Barbara Calcagno

    Excited for you both! Rock on!

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