A Big Challenge of Introducing Something New to this World

A Big Challenge of Introducing Something New to this World

The excitement we had this past week when the Wanderr was finally shipped to our first customers could easily be compared - in our minds at least - to what a new mother feels when she gets to see her precious baby for the first time. 

On the flip side, if we could compare the sheer fear we had at the same time, it may be similar to when that same new mother shows her little one to the world for the first time. 

Ok, let’s be honest, in our case it’s maybe a little more like a mother elephant, or a spiny dogfish shark, introducing their new babies to the world because the complex Wanderr has taken two+ years to get to the point where we’re able to ship something we’re proud of.

I mean, not that momma elephant or momma spiny dogfish shark care what the wildlife kingdom or life under the sea actually thinks. Sorry, we digress…

Back to comparing human mommas and introducing their new baby to this sometimes super critical world around us. 

We honestly haven’t met a mom who doesn’t think her baby is the prettiest/cutest…

And we totally get it now! 

We love our baby, but there is an insecurity and vulnerability that inevitably sets in as we worry about what other people think. 

You know what we are talking about... we’ve all been there when a new mom gently places her new baby in your arms.

As you goo-goo and ga-ga the whole time, you pull back the swaddle cloth, and DANG… that is the cutest baby you’ve ever seen. 


Truth be told, most nights we lay wide awake, watching the fan blades go round and round. 

We worry about funding, paying our team, making the right decisions, selling our home, or being nomads for the next year+ in a 30ft. wrapped OME Gear RV with a black (rock crawler) Jeep in tow.

All in the same 10 minute window of time.

Then it starts all over again.  

This week it's seemed that our nights/early morning hours have been consumed by sliding down the perpetual rabbit hole of questions that turn into massive waves of fear. 

Will people think the Wanderr is cool? 

Will they think it’s too heavy? 

Will people think it’s too complicated? 

Will they want to show it off?

Even though we’re 100% confident it’s going to change how people recreate outdoors, the vulnerability is real.

There’s a learning curve for a number of things - riding a bike, driving a car, dancing, working out, etc. 

But once you get it, it becomes second nature… kinda like the old saying, “it’s like riding a bike”.

Such is The Wanderr. 

And, such will be our fears as The Wanderr and OME Gear become a household name. 

With each new email and pictures from happy customers, our hearts soar a little higher thinking "WE'VE DONE IT!" 

Our baby made it into this world and she's a beaut!

Welcome, our little precious Wanderr. 💙


Proud mommas - Jules, Stace and our incredible OME Team

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  • Tina K Brewer

    We were so excited to put the wheels on and get out there. The learning curve was short and easy. Our maiden voyage to our favorite beach was a great success. It was easy to load our cooler, large blue tooth speaker, 2 large umbrellas, large beach blanket and two large towels….large dry goods bag and various extra clothes for layering. The cargo net with hooks is perfect. We left the arms on the chair during transport and it was just fine. While on the beach we changed from hauler, to chair, to lounge all without a hitch. We had a few inquiries while taking it out of the car and again while rolling down the hill toward the beach We rolled across the very soft deep sand fairly easily…great 3 day outing.

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