Lighten your Load

Innovative outdoor recreational products you can rest on.

Do It In Nature.

In a world where staring at our phones and computers is the norm, getting outside and experiencing nature is essential to our well-being. The outdoors clears our mind and lets us share with the people we love.

We also believe getting to those fun outdoor places shouldn’t be difficult.

We are committed to building innovative products making it simple for people to get outside and experience fun and freedom.

The earth has its music for those who will listen.

George Santayana

What We Do

Wait Til You See What’s Coming…

We’re changing the game in the outdoor space. Many years in the making, we’re bringing something unique to market.

What if there was a product for fishing, camping, kids soccer games, the beach, tailgating, etc. where you could haul all your stuff and then transform into a comfy chair?

Soon, there will be.

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